Coreum Spikes 1680% | CoinMarketCap still hates XRPL | Yield Farming coming to CORE token in 10 days

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Sologenic news today – Coreum rose 1680% on multiple exchanges. Sologenic Airdrop holders were hitting limits orders making them rich. CoinMarketCap spreads fud about XRP not being decentralized. Binance CEO apologizes over tweets. Yielding farming is coming to CORE in 10 days. Sologenic coin price prediction after solo is added to Binance. More Sologenic crypto updates to come.


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  1. there are still 8 solo/core snapshots left. either May June July August September October November December

  2. Apparently someone bought 170k core which cleared the order books. this is the story going around. I think were at the point when this thing could fly with no prior notice. Think about how much is actually circulating, supply/demand will be through the roof

  3. liquidity issue methinks. Someone didnt put limit order when buying.. nice lets hope they do it again

  4. It was a pump and dumb. That’s what I heard. Perhaps it’s true because the white paper is still not out yet.

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