Holding CoinMarketCap39s Feet to the FIRE

Holding CoinMarketCap's Feet to the FIRE!!!

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  1. Matt Phoenix (Hextraordinary)

    Hexo is like my comfort blanket when the price dips.

  2. ayoo i need to the beging song fulll name and all that shyt

  3. What comes first hex 6 ct or 60ct?

  4. Metamask Fork Incomming!

  5. 🙂 Lincoln Blunt man…. Hex your life up!

  6. One day in the future we gotta have an edible experience, I have a feeling if You were in the right mindset, it’d be one of those laugh until it hurts experiences

  7. Pineapple pizza yes !

  8. Cooking with Crypto

    Is that Marco the hexican rapping ?

  9. 🎶… peters wallet be losing …🎶

    Such a banger

    Who was the blunt man?! He is my spirit animal

  10. We need a Hexologoist and T-bone the Trucker show 🚛

  11. All i can say is lol. 🙂