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How to Create a Stock Market Chart Like Coinmarketcap in Chart JS Part 48

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How to Create a Stock Market Chart Like Coinmarketcap in Chart JS Part 48

In this video we will explore how to create a stock market chart like coinmarketcap in chart js. This is part 48 of the Coinmarketcap Chart.js Series. We will continue where we left off previously. Creating the drag functionality.

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Let’s explore how to do this.

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Understand setup, config and render init blocks: https://youtu.be/pFuibt5HNog
Starting Code: https://www.chartjs3.com/docs/chart/g

Understanding Object Destructuring in Chart JS: https://youtu.be/_ZxfcJaSyuI
Understanding ChartArea in Chart JS: https://youtu.be/NgCHY3RVhEY

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  1. Hi,
    you made a really good videos.
    I have a problem with the dates, when i zoomin the chart and place the mouse under the chart of bar, the dates superimpose and looks bad.
    its like the dates of the chart primary try to synchronize between them.
    you cant help with that??

  2. Hi,
    please can you help me, how can i save my chart for future and in future I can also edit that saved chart. also I can create new chart and this chart is dynamic.

  3. More ideas:
    Saw the video about applying different timeframes, switchable per button (but with local and hardcoded data). Would upgrade this chart immensely to know how to chart data from different APIs in one chart, say hourly timeframes, daily (which e.g. in CoinGeckos case are different APIs) switchable per button.

    Specially for crypto assets the comparison between an asset and BTC and/or ETH (so the asset vs BTC or ETH instead of USD e.g.) are also like a benchmark and very important. Like the Coingecko approach, where you have the option to click either BTC or ETH to display on the same chart but in a different colour.

    Also something useful would be to know how to set the displayed data to, say, the latest 2 weeks, then if the user wants he can zoom out to see the whole chart.

    Got plenty more ideas if its of any use to you, just let me know.

  4. The only thing missing for me now is the structure of everything if you pair it with live API data. Been playing around a lot but couldn't figure it out so far. Would greatly appreciate if you could take a look at this or provide a video specially for this chart showing how to do it. Many thanks for your great work! 🙂

  5. Yessss! Thank you!