How to Create a Stock Market Chart Like Coinmarketcap in Chart JS Part 8

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How to Create a Stock Market Chart Like Coinmarketcap in Chart JS Part 8

In this video we will explore how to create a stock market chart like coinmarketcap in chart js. This is part 8 of the Coinmarketcap Chart.js Series. We will continue where we left off previously. Now we will make a label that will indicate the starting value showing it on the left side of the y scale.

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Let’s explore how to do this.

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To keep the video short we might expect you to know parts. These parts we have explained in other videos. You can find the references here below:

Understand setup, config and render init blocks:
Starting Code:

Understanding Object Destructuring in Chart JS:
Understanding ChartArea in Chart JS:

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What type of charts can you make with Chart.JS?
With chart js you can make line chart, bar chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, scatter chart, polar area chart, radar chart, gauge chart and area chart. And with some clever tricks and visual adjustment more can be done.


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