How to Make Passive Income with Crypto Lending [ The Definitive Guide ]

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Whether you want to lend or borrow funds with Crypto, this video is perfect for you.

On today’s CoinMarketCap episode we are going to show you how lending and borrowing works, How much you can actually make with crypto lending and what are things like the utilization ratio, LP Tokens and everything else you need to know to become a Crypto Lending Expert.

Make sure to check out the timestamps below to easily navigate the video:

0:00 – How to Make Passive Income with Crypto Lending
1:54 – How Crypto Lending Works?
3:02 – What is Utilization Ratio and how does it work?
5:25 – Can I Make Passive Income From Lending and Borrowing Protocols?
5:57 – Yield Farming LP Tokens
7:30 – How Much Passive Income Can I Make From Crypto Lending?

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  1. Isn’t it a bit too soon to recommend lending now after what just happened? And is this income really worth the risk?

  2. "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser–like focus." –Bruce Lee

  3. хороший обзорщик молодец

  4. The Thaiger guy spotted!

    Celsius was profitable until it wasn't. All lending platforms come with extreme risks, both defis and cefis.

  5. The crypto market has been unfavorable in the past weeks, I’ve lost a lot of money already and I'm most certainly impatient right now,How can i ever make a profit in cryptocurrency.

  6. This video has made me unsub from CoinMaketCap. Crypto is over for a long time to come. Young Millennials / Gen Z tards have yet to get that truth.

  7. Income from Crypto? These days?! 😂

    Crypto is crashing! Crypto trades like tech stocks. Stop trying to swindle the last remaining suckers so you can help others exit their crappy long positions in crypto.

    1. The BTC to ETH ratio is around 18:1
    2. BTC is cryptocurrency.
    3. ETH is crypto token.
    4. All other cryptotokens are meh, except maybe SOL, AVAX
    5. NFTs were the height of "Tulip mania"
    6. Blockchain has practical applications.
    7. No one has solved the retail transaction problem with blockchains.
    8. Anyone can now short Bitcoin with the BITI ETF. Likely that is a smart move for the next 17 months until it is clear, the recession in stocks is over.

  8. It’s poor form to see CMC encouraging this. Take custody of your own coins and don’t lend them for a few risky extra % and don’t borrow or you’ll get rekt. There’s only one party getting rich from this, and it’s not you.

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