Is 2022 Crypto Market Worse Than 2018?

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On today’s CoinMarketCap episode we take a look at the differences during the 2018 bear market and the current market drawdown.

0:00 – 2018 Bear Market and 2022 Market Drawdown Comparison
0:21 – Bitcoin Price During Bear Markets
2:29 – Ethereum Price During Bear Markets
3:39 – Tokens Listed on CoinMarketCap During Bear Markets

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  1. I mean there are more eyes on the market now, more than ever. But the projects and coins that are strong will survive. Thats why I have invested in Blockasset. They are changing the game in Web3 with the ultimate fan experience.

  2. The key difference between 2018 and 2022 is inflation, Bitcoin and the crypto market has never gone through such a high inflation phase before, I'm honestly not sure how the crypto market will perform under these circumstances, the inflation that's currently ongoing might be short lived or be persistent, it's unclear, a lot will depend on what the Fed does and the cpi readings in the coming months, we might even go through a period of stagflation, again, it's all very uncertain…

  3. Give me a reason why the money of the future should appreciate until infinity? Isn't money just a way to exchange goods? The facts are people just bought because they were greedy and wanted to become rich overnight, and it's basically a Ponzi scheme

  4. It has not been easy since the bear market but with Ojacoin an still earning, because Ojx have increase over 13.000%

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