Is Cryptocurrency Anonymous?

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As with any topic related to cryptocurrency, there is no easy answer. There are now many thousands of coins and each one has different properties to others, which can create some confusion. Understanding cryptocurrency anonymity requires some nuance which we will explain on today’s CoinMarketCap episode:

0:18 – Is Bitcoin Anonymous?
1:01 – What Is Chain Analysis?
2:01 – Is It Possible To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?
3:26 – What Does A Bitcoin Mixer Do?
4:26 – The Bitcoin Rich List

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  1. No it isn't. Of anything (most) crypto is transparent. But the sacrifice for a public ledger will stem corruption.

  2. Epic Cash #1 Epic Cash is proof of work, private, anonymous,fungible and scalable. Epic Cash had a fair launch and the same 21 million maximal supply like BTC. Unlike BTC, Epic Cash can be used as peer to peer money.

  3. I'm a huge Monero fan! I also invest in BEAM and HAVEN as well. Love the privacy coins and the fed can kiss my a$s if they ever want to see my XMR transactions!

  4. I am looking forward for the release of the Anonymous Blockchain from INSIDER PROTOCOL built from MimbleWimble .

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