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PancakeSwap is the leading decentralized exchange on the BNB Chain — and has been for quite some time. But there is so much more to it, and especially with the latest 2022 updates, there is a lot to explore and utilize PancakeSwap to its full potential.

After launching two years ago, PancakeSwap now has around 4 billion us dollars in total locked value. PancakeSwap is anonymous — but that doesn’t mean that it’s shady. Plenty of crypto protocols prefer to keep their founder anonymous (remember Satoshi and Bitcoin, anyone?).

For PancakeSwap, this means that their team of anonymous “Chefs” works in their “Kitchen” to build out their DeFi tools using the CAKE token. Its platform is open-source and has been audited by Certik and Slowmist.

Alright — so how does PancakeSwap work?

0:00 – What’s the easiest way to start using PancakeSwap?
1:58 – How does PancakeSwap work?
2:18 – The Exchange
2:55 – Yield Farming
3:06 – Syrup Pools
3:54 – Lottery V2
4:30 – PancakeSwap Prediction
4:49 – The NFT Marketplace
4:58 – The NFT Profile System
5:16 – Initial Farm Offerings
5:30 – Perpetual trades
6:09 – PancakeSwap’s new Tokenomics

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  1. PancakeSwap is the king but most tokens on the BNB Chain are shit coins, so always DYOR

  2. #CRYPTO КРИПТОВАЛЮТНЫЕ ТЕРМИНЫ новости и заработок says:

    чёткий PancakeSwap благодарю (happy)

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