SafeMoon Seeks Self-Reporting From CoinMarketCap

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SafeMoon has taken to twitter to try and get CoinMarketCap’s attention as they are seeking to get a self-reporting dashboard.


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  1. Coin Market cap is very negative on Safemoon. Just look at the message board, they only display on their front page very negative messages on safemoon, sometimes they will display one bullish writeup but about 8 or 9 bearish messages. Safemoon knows the dirty work CMC is playing and you know CMC is owned by Binance. Just by playing with metrics CMC can stop a bullish run for a crypto, like they did for Shiba early last fall on their market cap during a strong bullish run and claimed it was a glitch but never changed it for long.

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  4. Cmc glitches every other day no one is panic selling or buying. I'd like to think it's going to be a simple reporting API but we'll see

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