Solana Is the Most Active Chain by 4x CoinMarketCap Reports

Solana Is the Most Active Chain by 4x CoinMarketCap Reports

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solana #sol #coinmarketcap Videos: Can Solana RECOVER with a VENGENCE or will it CRASH again …


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  1. You're one of the good guys dude

  2. Awesome video brotha!!!!

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  4. Eth does not go down ffs! Fees and going down is not the same! Ffs dude

  5. Solana is not decentralized enough. More like a private database. 👎👎

  6. Emmet Larrissy

    Another great video

  7. Good info sir. Keep it up

  8. Good stuff man!

  9. Agree!! Stock market money slowing moving into crypto! Big things are going to happen to sol in the near future!!!

  10. A true Solana maxi 👍🏻 based on facts. Thanks

  11. Rodriquez Ramirez

    I really appreciate your videos. You provide important technical details. I have general question, how do coin holders benefit assuming one day solana becomes dominant chain? It seems like buying a stock of the company, but here it is coin which does not seem to have any intrinsic value.

  12. Thank you for sharing your technical knowledge in such a user friendly manner . Greatly appreciated

  13. Superb superb superb . Thank you

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