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What Is VVS Finance?
Today, we discuss what VVS Finance is, what it does and how it functions.

I’m certain you’ve found out about It’s the crypto trade that has been sending off advertisements all over. Many “crypto brothers” additionally gladly flash their metal check cards to their friends. However, beside that, likewise has a blockchain.
This Layer 1 blockchain is Cronos. So today, we should discuss VVS Finance, the top Decentralized Application on Cronos.
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What’s going on with Vvs Finance?
Simply put, it is a DeFi-based dApp. It intends to make Decentralized Finance (DeFi) simple for its clients. That is a big motivator for VVS “Extremely Simple”. VVS Finance is a Uniswap fork based on Cronos. This means that at its center, it is a Decentralized Trade (DEX).

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