What is Trust Wallet? [ How to Use Trust Wallet Explained ]

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What is Trust Wallet? How do you use it?
On today’s CoinMarketCap episode we take a deep dive into Trust Wallet and all of its features:

0:00 What is Trust Wallet
1:00 Set up wallet
2:33 Trust Wallet overview
3:09 Viewing coins/tokens
4:11 Buying Coins
4:53 Receiving/Sending
5:30 Staking
6:16 NFTs
6:46 Swapping
7:36 Dapps
7:50 How to import coins/tokens
8:20 App Settings

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  3. hi, I use trust wallet Dapps to link some crypto investment, is it safe 100% that my asset no one can take it away?
    I mean no one can scam my token through Dapps linking?

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  9. I never store my coins on trustwallet. I mainly use binance and Coinbase to store my returns from my invested coins.
    But it's best to invest your bitcoins and usdt than to hold. Whales plartform is where I invest

  10. its amazing how CMC takes money to list all the stupid coins out there.SMH.We just need an alternative.

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