What's Cosmos? (ATOM Explained Simply)

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With its extensive ecosystem of interconnected applications and services — targeted towards a decentralized future — Cosmos (ATOM) positions itself as the “internet of blockchains.” The number of decentralized apps (DApps) and services on the platform has crossed 260, while the volume of digital assets under management has surpassed US$150 billion.

00:58 What is the Cosmos Network?
01:49 What is the Cosmos Hub?
02:40 Atom Tokenomics
03:56 What is the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK)?
04:29 The Tendermint Core Blockchain Building Framework
05:43 Vision of the Cosmos Network
07:07 Getting Started: Atom Wallet Compatibility
07:30 Keplr Wallet
07:57 Atom Staking Calculator
08:15 The Usability of Cosmos
08:41 Cosmos Ecosystem
09:12 Osmosis
09:32 Terra
09:51 chain
10:03 Juno Network
10:21 Secret Network
10:44 Gravity Bridge
11:02 Cosmos Airdrops
11:48 The Future of Cosmos

The Cosmos IBC, or the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, allows its apps and services to seamlessly connect. As a result, users can freely exchange assets and data across several decentralized blockchains.

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