Why to not use #binance #coinmarketcap or any #centralised #exchange

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Please keep in mind that nothing in this video is a financial advise.
I am making this video only for education purposes.
Binance proved that is a scam company by locking, holding and some times even helping other companies scam people by not releasing their money.
While FTX was trading the clients money #binance CEO saw that and sold all the FTT that was keeping as an investment from FTX and #czbinance did not informed the regulation authorities nor the media.
Now we still see people from #coinmarketcap speaking about centralised #exchanges like the are safe.
People should understand how to trade their coins without the need of a third party or a regulated exchange because even regulations are in this scam scheme and making money from it in the background.

Also i have to say about #coinmarketcap that is a scam company by adding #tokens from different #binancesmartchain contracts with no serious companies in the background and they are getting paid to advertise them.
But #regulations see that and they do nothing on that because they are also eating from those money that people loose by getting scammed.

If you have any argument and want to say something please don’t hesitate to comment down below and i will be happy to answer you.

Thanks for watching.


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