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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.


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  1. I'm deleting their App ASAP. And l will never again recommend their site to others!

  2. The XRPL is not centralized. But the token ownership is very centralized. ~70% of the XRP coins are owned/controlled by Ripple and their founders and employees. This can be, and the SEC says has, led to price manipulation.

  3. Wat n klomp kak, gun wonder hulle het die tweet verwyder nie, Coin Market Cap moet nooit weer gebruik word as n exchange wanneer die Ripple xrp saak afgehandel is, bliksems, jaag daai kamstige nuwe werknemer weg, frikken etter!!!!!

  4. I won’t be using them either and I think they Burned Digital Perspective’s trust also!

  5. Early planning is the best way to build a strong foundation for greatness.. I recommend Bitcoin/ Xrp trade coz it's the easiest online investment that has plenty opportunities to earn a decent payouts and the right skills to proper understanding of how the market runs.

  6. 👆🏻👆🏻
    I am able to purchase a new home with the help of 👆🏻, There website are 100% legit

  7. 👆🏻👆🏻
    I am able to purchase a new home with the help of 👆🏻, There website are 100% legit

  8. It <makes sense, BTC and crypto is off helping to regulate, rather than pretend it won't ever happen. The big institutions getting in is the catalyst that will launch us into the stratosphere. Most people don't like change but after the change is made they grow used to it and it becomes a non issue usually because their fears never materialize. And benefits they were unaware with before turn out to be far more beneficial. Few if any rug pulls. The projects that initiated the process of regulation have not been ruined, they got involved in setting guidelines and helping the regulators understand the crypto space. I’d get involved more knowing that I have made over 16` btc from day-trade with Anika Hobson Crypto in few weeks

  9. Banksters are suppressing XRP and campaigning against it to shake out retail investors. Todays price is even further proof. Most people will sell when it gets to $10 up to $99 and feel like they won the lottery. Those that hodl till 4 and 5 digits will be pimpin like a Saudi Prince up in this bitch! See y'all on The Sea of Tranquility. Buy Dips Bang Chicks.

  10. While others still continue to trade without fear of making lose, others her being patient. It all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. I’m not promising you millions of bitcoins but I'll teach you how to make 3 BTC in 96 hours. All you need is your bitcoin wallet, no i.d or password. Ask me how!

  11. Always go against the grain when it comes to the financial media and what they are pushing for. They want you to buy what is high (Eth and BTC) and sell what is low (so they can sweep all the lows for themselves).

  12. I keep on getting $14,000 every week from a new trading platforms in town.

  13. 🚀 Irrespective of the economic crisis this is the best time to invest in crypto and gold, and I'm glad I'm making some profit.

  14. Ok thanks for the heads up on CMC! Will be canceling them and adopting Live Coin Watch!

  15. Coin Market CRAP is messing with the wrong group. We’re fighting, and doing quite well, against MUCH more powerful entities

  16. Can you explain the difference between xrp and xdc? I see that xdc is also very fast and was recently added to uphold.

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