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Announcing the Launch of the Interchain Developer Academy

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A six week, part-time, online training program that covers the core aspects of Cosmos

The Interchain Foundation is funding a six week, part-time, online program to bridge the growing demand for Cosmos developers. If you’re a developer and want to level up (or start) your blockchain career, keep reading!

If you’re new to Cosmos, it is the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem. It consists of independent interconnected blockchains built using developer-friendly, modular application components and connected with the ground-breaking IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) Protocol. With Cosmos, developers can choose to build entirely autonomous application-specific blockchains that can easily interconnect.

The flexibility of Cosmos has enormous implications for blockchain technology and means the demand for Cosmos developers is skyrocketing. The Interchain Foundation aims to fund training for 5,000 developers over the next three years.

The Foundation is also supporting program graduates with connections to employers and possible funding across various use cases, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), autonomous organizations, marketplaces, regenerative finance and many others.

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Applications are open for the first cohort from April 7th 2022, and you can find out more about the application and screening process for the program here.

Program overview and the expertise you’ll gain

The Interchain Developer Academy is a part-time program that gives you access to 60 hours of in-depth content developed and delivered by leading blockchain experts from our education partner, B9lab.

After completing the Academy training, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of blockchains and cryptography in general, and the Cosmos SDK, the Tendermint consensus algorithm and the Inter Blockchain Protocol in particular.

You will have expertise in:

  • Building a custom blockchain using the Cosmos SDK
  • Using Starport to scaffold modules for a blockchain
  • Building front- and back-end applications using CosmJS
  • Operating nodes and validating on a Cosmos blockchain
  • Running relaying infrastructure between IBC connected chains

Is the Academy right for you?

You don’t need to know anything about blockchain to apply but you do need at least three years’ professional programming experience and be willing to commit to 10 hours of work per week to complete the six-week program.

You need to be passionate about blockchain technology and serious about leveling up (or starting) your blockchain career or even building your own project with Cosmos.

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The application process and key dates

Applications are open from April 7th and the Academy training starts on the 12th of May 2022.

You’ll need to complete a screening test that will evaluate your general knowledge of software development concepts and problem-solving skills. There are no blockchain-related challenges. The Academy will teach you that.

If you pass the screening and are accepted on the program, your place will be fully funded by the Interchain Foundation.

We’ve got limited places so make sure you secure yours! Visit to find out more about the application and screening process.

Need to talk to someone about the program? Jump into the Cosmos Discord and ask in the lounge. Tag Lucy | B9lab#9761

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