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Introducing HackAtom VI — The Biggest Hackathon in Cosmos History with $1,000,000 of ATOM in Prizes

Introducing HackAtom VI — The Biggest Hackathon in Cosmos History with $1,000,000 of ATOM in Prizes

Drum roll, please… The biggest HackAtom in Cosmos history is almost here, offering developers around the world the chance to compete for their share of a massive $1,000,000 of ATOM in prizes. With registrations beginning on October 27 and the official opening ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 11, get ready to take the decentralized web to the next level.

HackAtom VI lasts for an entire month online and is accompanied by in-person events in major world cities, including Lisbon and Berlin. This year’s competition is spread out over six exciting themes: Ethereum on Cosmos, Starport, Interoperability, DeFi, End-User apps, and Gaming.

HackAtom VI Key Dates

  • Registrations Open: Wednesday, Oct 27 @ 19:00 CET
  • HackAtom VI Warmup Event (In-Person, Berlin): Friday, Oct 29 @ 17:00 CET
  • Opening Ceremony (In-Person, Lisbon): Thursday, Nov 11 @ 19:00 CET
  • Submissions Due: Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 19:00 CET
  • Voting for Community Choice Award: Thursday, Dec 9–14 @ 20:00 CET
  • Demo day (virtual event): Tuesday, Dec 14 @ 19:00 CET
  • Closing ceremony + Winners Announced (virtual event): Thursday, Dec 16 @ 20:00 CET

Challenge Topics

HackAtom VI offers a total prize pool of a cool $1 million worth of ATOM. That makes it the largest ever hackathon in the history of Cosmos. This prize pool is not just a testament to how much we’ve grown over recent years but also marks the significance of launching IBC, the Cosmos standard for blockchain interoperability, and delivering on the mission we set out in our whitepaper.

This year’s hackathon and prize pool are split between six categories. There is also a special Community Choice Award for the project with the most hearts on Devpost. Let’s take a look at the challenge topics in more detail.

1. Ethereum on Cosmos: Constellation Prize

Ethereum projects on Cosmos SDK

2. Starport: Starport Prize

Blockchains built using Starport

3. Interoperability: Interstellar Prize

IBC Use cases

4. End-User Apps: Solar Prize

Wallet/End User Apps UX — Improve the User Experience

5. DeFi: Galaxy Prize

Cosmos SDK Loan or Insurance Module

6. Gaming: Starship Prize

Gaming apps on Cosmos SDK

** More details will be shared soon about the challenges.

HackAtom VI Side Events

In addition to the month-long competition online, we are hosting in-person side events in two major European cities, Lisbon and Berlin. The Berlin event is a half-day pre-hackathon workshop on October 29. The Lisbon event is the official opening ceremony of HackAtom VI on November 11. We’ll have lots more details coming soon, so be sure to watch this space.


HackAtom VI is made possible thanks to the backing of the following sponsors, who will each play an active role in building the challenges and supporting the developers:

💎 Platinum — Starport

⭐️ Gold — Pylons

⚪️ Silver — Archway, Kava, BitSong, GrantFish & Juno, Sentinel, Sifchain, LikeCoin, Regen NetworkAkash

🎗 Other sponsors: Umee, Injective, VITWITIRISnet

More sponsors will be added soon, so be sure to watch this space and Hackatom website for all upcoming details! We’re looking forward to making this the most successful hackathon to date. So sign up to get updates on details of the challenges, our upcoming events, or in-person or online workshops. May the best Cosmonaut win!

Introducing HackAtom VI — The Biggest Hackathon in Cosmos History with $1,000,000 of ATOM in Prizes was originally published in Cosmos Blog on Medium.

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