Crogecoin $croge Chart, Price and Contract

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We are one of the first meme to utility tokens in the Cronos space. Already achieving 1m in 3 days (very rare for cronos) We have become whitelisted on MMF (cronos largest exchange) and launched a new DAPP: Project is ran by 4 big name call channels in the BSC world. We are aiming to bring as much attention to CRO as possible, and turning it into a bigger space, hopefully one day taking over BSC market share. We are also planning on the first BSC to CRO bridge, which has never been done so far.

cronos cronos: 0xc4a174ccb5fb54a6721e11e0ca961e42715023f9

Name: Crogecoin
Symbol: croge
Network: cronos

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 0

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croge price,Crogecoin price


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