CROLambos $crolambos Chart, Price and Contract

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CROLambos is a Project that includes 200 unique CROLambos NFTs. Those 200 NFTs are created by Jan a crypto youtuber + Adam a disabled NFT Creator. CROLambos as a Token launched on the Cronos Chain ( Chain). the Token has a TetherUSDT Rewards Fee + a NFT Rewards Pool Fee. There is a total supply of 1,000,000 and a initial LP of around 30.000$ has been locked for 1 year. CROLambos as a fast Project on the Cronos that has to do with premium NFTs. NFTs with benefits for the community! CROLambos is made for the Cronos Chain and has a transparent team that is motivated and would like to achieve to become a successful project on Cronos in the future.

cronos cronos: 0x2a96a67c3bc9063991127d475d0cfcb0e86a2e5c

Name: CROLambos
Symbol: crolambos
Network: cronos

Total supply: 1000000
Max supply: 0

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crolambos price,CROLambos price


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