DarkCrystl $darkcrystl Chart, Price and Contract

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This Token is pegged via seinoriage 1:1 to WCRO within the Dark Crystal Finance ecosystem We are a more sustainable Tomb Ecosystem with multiple Deflationary mechanics that allow us to maintain a more adaptable token supply. Using our locked staking nodes, we have been connecting across Cronos to work symbiotically with other projects. The community is organic and growing slowly. Our project hopes to be a service to the community providing dynamic ways to manage excess supply..

cronos cronos: 0xefa1fabc2ab6219174ad1c912f56f7de53cdc1e1

Name: DarkCrystl
Symbol: darkcrystl
Network: cronos

Total supply: 359075
Max supply: 0

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darkcrystl price,DarkCrystl price


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