SaharaDAO $mng Chart, Price and Contract

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Sahara DAO is a synthetics protocol delivering innovative synth markets to the Cronos Network. Sahara DAO’s first fractional-algorithmic synthetic token (MMFX) is pegged to the value of 1 MMF on Cronos Chain. Sahara DAO will be delivering further synth markets for the most popular Cronos tokens. The platform introduces a partial collateralized design where the protocol’s synths are backed by the underlying asset as well as Sahara’s native token.

cronos cronos: 0xc9b23289c60783649aa327732fccec2f5d0ac466

Name: SaharaDAO
Symbol: mng
Network: cronos

Total supply: 700000
Max supply: 30000000

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mng price,SaharaDAO price


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