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VersaGames is the next-generation community-driven NFT-gaming ecosystem. We offer a web3 storefront with liquidity staking to start, and we will quickly integrate NFT trading and borrowing/lending into our platform. The VersaGames token ($VERSA) drives the economic incentives for the community on VersaGames. Holders of $VERSA can not only contribute capital to specific game pairs on VersaGames’ staking platform (e.g., $GAME1-$VERSA LP) and obtain strong incentives from partner studios in the form of targeted game token emissions, but holders will also benefit from the project’s low, selective emissions schedules and from gaining exposure to a well-diversified treasury.

cronos cronos: 0x00d7699b71290094ccb1a5884cd835bd65a78c17

Name: VersaGames
Symbol: versa
Network: cronos

Total supply: 320000000
Max supply: 0

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versa price,VersaGames price


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