10 Best Ways To Make Money SOLO In GTA Online

10 Best Ways To Make Money SOLO In GTA Online (Mid 2022)

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Today I go over my Top 10 picks for the best ways to make money in GTA Online as a solo player!
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Tips, Tricks & Money/Time Savers in GTA Online – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f3wLAzL_s4

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Don’t ask about the description, random gibberish apparently gets videos more exposure so just ignore the following, thank you 🙂

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If you made it this far Idk why you read all of that but I certainly hope you enjoyed it.

Oh and KIM KARDASHIAN & SKETE (pete) PETE DAVIDSON (peter davidson) are goofs


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  1. One thing I would recommend is selling mc businesses with a friends that can protect you. Ik this is for solo players but if you have the friends for it, do it. You will get a pretty hefty bonus for selling with a full lobby of people. This also applies to the bunker and nightclub.

  2. Veh cargo is the butthole cancer of jobs to do in GTA online. Heard people say how great it is but all that ever happens to me is they shoot the tires out and I can't get away from the sharpshooter NPCs and crash because almost all my tires are blown out and make hardly any money for the time and stress of the sell mission. Would rather do the post ops sell in a full server

  3. just watched a customgrow420 vid and have determined these guys have the same intro

  4. Ayo why can’t I register as a ceo/mc in a solo lobby!!?? I can’t access nothing in solo lobby!! Help

  5. The Dank-a-nator

    I don’t have the Securo serve part in my interaction menu?

  6. Dreaper12 Talavera

    can you use any bunker or just that specific one?

  7. Aweird Randomkid 69

    Love the bloons music

  8. Thanks for the video
    Very helpful

  9. the security system in the bunker is actually useful you can go on it and leave your game for hours and it won’t kick you for idling

  10. skyrim background music?? shits fire

  11. Imagine Nurffing the only way to have fun in a game about wealth

  12. Bruh I just got off Skyrim and the background music had me freaking out

  13. At 7:15 anyone else hear the cod WAW startup theme?

  14. Ghost Tha Reaper

    And I just bought it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. I like hows there's skyrim music playing in the background lol

  16. I disagree with buying the cheapest warehouse for cocaine and meth the rest I agree with. Cocaine and meth can be very lucrative

  17. If you buy the documents business your night club can accrue stock for free, I don’t use the document business as it don’t make money but owning it you make more than you payed for it

  18. The way the lady in the back died in the beginning killed me 🤣

  19. is that skyrim backsound? it really get me though

  20. Great intro. 10/10

  21. GTA Online has come a long way since 2013. I remember grinding Rooftop Rumble for hours just to buy a fucking submarine cuz I was scared of the ocean.

  22. If you got all the businesses you can easy earn about $3,500,000 per day with 1 x Cayo, agency safe, night club safe, nightclub sell missions & Bunker for a couple of hours per day which is about $24 million per week, could get more if you on longer

  23. Brother, please stop referring to lower ranked vehicles as "high on the list". I cringe a bit every time 🤣 and it's called a top 10 list , after all.

  24. Is this guy playing BTD music in the background??😂 not bad

  25. Hi I would like to know can you help me make some money

  26. So if you do the nightclub do you have to buy the supplies for MC businesses and then sell them via the nightclub or dors the technician do that for you

  27. lol I love how the women behind him just died cuz he’s a pycopath

  28. This is the 1 guide of 1 000 000 of them that is actualy use full

  29. What if you were to have one upgrade for your business

  30. My favorite is the night club

  31. The nc popularity dj rebooking thing doesn’t refill my popularity bar fully anymore, barely refills any now. Maybe I need to do the first 100k mission for the other 2, but it now refills only slightly instead of max for one switch

  32. Winnipeg Mafia? Are you also part of the Maple Syrup Gang? (aka are u canadian?)

  33. I will add something to this and that's the terrobyte. You can source special cargo, vehicle cargo, gun running supplies, and biker supplies there. It's saves a lot of time instead of having to constantly go into your businesses to source cargo. Thanks 👍

  34. Eddie's Boat Cleaning Services

    OK so how in the hell does any of this work when the only way to do this is a Public Lobby should I mention Tryhards grieving and blowing you up? It's OK I'll wait

  35. What uh happened to the lady within the first few seconds I take it she must of slipped 👀👀

  36. How'd you get the panther statue like frfr I've never had it

  37. South East Bobby

    Thanks gonna grind these out, now do you have a tutorial on useful vehicles to own, like the oppressor which I already own. I'm thinking of getting a better Choppa than my Sparrow. I need new toys.

  38. Very informative video, helpful for me on my alt account to get a quick start

  39. Lets go

  40. Been playing GTA off and on since it’s come out, Ive always used YouTube for advice and you are by far the most helpful and funny YouTube I’ve come across. Earned my sub 8 minutes into video. Keep it up bro

  41. Lmaooo that intro sounds so creepy the dead lady in the background is just icing on the cake

  42. Mind the vehicle ware house is real useful when u only sell the top ranges and have a boat load I think it’s still crucial to solo grind u sell and in between the 15 minute u can do anything else to support your grind rinse repeat

  43. what timeline is this? panther statue is back?

  44. Damn good vid. Very much appreciate the solo money making tips.

  45. The cayo cooldown is only like 2 hours or something I’ve been setting a timer

  46. When I log into gta 5 I do payphone hit, Ammunatiom sale, Biker customer sale, Vehicle cargo and mixed goods thats 315k in like 20 mins

  47. I must've been very unlucky because the very first time I fully stocked my bunker Merryweather immediately raided me and took half my stock