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13 HUGE TIPS to Instantly get BETTER in Warzone 2

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Here are my top 13 tips to instantly get better at Warzone 2! There are some instant wins and easy things to do to make sure you can get that first dub!


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  1. Learned one new thing in this vid I didn't no about the revive gun 🔫 thank you man and hope your covid gos away asap missed the streams dude 😎

  2. They f… this game so much . I think I will quit playing. What was wrong with the old warzone ? Nothing . Fuck this game

  3. Great video!
    But do you have to tell everyone all the secrets.
    There's a few other things you haven't mentioned that are still given me an edge over the opposition.
    Keep it up benny!!!!

  4. The looting is horrendous, or I’m just not used to it. Having to move things around or drop stuff. Seems like they slowed down looting.

  5. What’s the optic on that RPK? It was vlk 4.0 in the loadout video but this one is nice with the red dot and cross

  6. What graphics setting have you got on to make your loot glow white so much? My game it barely shows up

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