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  1. Air Fryers are AWESOME and probably about the healthiest device to cook good food. My Cholesterol was 6 which is HIGH…..using an Air fryer my cholesterol has dropped to 2.7 combined[good/bad] with good cholesterol @1.9 and bad cholesterol @.8 Also there is a massive decrease of triglycerides in the food as well.
    People should just walk into the store and just pay 3.98 pounds.

  2. Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but "Growing money is wisdom" I heard this from someone 👍🤲

  3. CCN is absolutely amazing. Not even been a member for a month and I’m already practically financially free from bills in my first month from the profit. Much respect to the boys here


  4. Gotta remember Tom’s background (for those who’ve been watching his channel for long enough) is in financial services in London. Doesn’t matter how you make it. If you get in the game at the right time and take advantage of the available opportunities, there’s always money to be made. No shame in going to a Home Bargains, if that’s where it is. Kudos to these young lads for sharing their knowledge. I wish them well. Enjoyed the video, mate. Cheers.

  5. CCN does bits, you get out what you put in, great side hustle to start and great community

  6. Been in CCN for just over a year and I can honestly say it’s allowed me to have the extra extra cash to enjoy life rather than just pay the bills.

  7. CCN is fire 🔥 best reselling platform. lots of help and tips available. Easy cash 💸💸

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