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  1. Thank for sharing. I've been playing Defi Warrior. This is potential project with many ways to make money. I think it's worth a try

  2. Seems to me that the only people promoting bitcoin, have a monetary interest is getting people to buy in

  3. pls make video on stock market vs BTC , again its dumped with stock market , any views how long it will simulate .

  4. Why does it always feel like u keep waiting for bitcoin to go up never getvtme make a decision on actually buying one if it drops cos theres a fear itll drop even more then almost without you noticing its jumped over 9800 n uve missed the 😢

  5. 1 chance out of approximately 1000 for each video of the week… quite a high chance for winning the free sun token

  6. I dont mind going down to accumulate one last chance before blast off! sun token FOR Blast Off!

  7. I never want mobs to burn down any buildings but I sort of wish theyd select a Bank rather than a Wendys or a Walgreens if they absolutely had to torch something. I actually need those stores. Just saying.

  8. Seems to me that a person should have a mix of gold and bitcoin. Maybe 50:50; maybe 80:20 (or 20:80); but a mix of the two should do well over the next few years… and the volatility will be lower than what one would get with a 100% bitcoin position.

  9. From Spain. The proposal to eliminate physical euros has been knocked down from the European Union. European Central Bank is the competent organism for that kind of actuation. Nice videos dude.

  10. Also, you should do a chart without the traditional market manipulation dump in March to see where we should be before the big money wanted in on bitcoin.

  11. Feels like a big pullback coming in stocks and BTC, I could totally be wrong however. Buying up Chainlink right now around $4 per coin (considering Google uses Chainlink it has major upside potential) sun token would be nice!

  12. Will you take a look at The Real Doodle Friends? They minted yesterday on OS. Seems like a great project, and are allowing holders to pitch their project ideas to them for collaboration possibilities. Thanks for your work!!!

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