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About This Video:
Today i will tell you about 3 new earning Apps, all are also available on Google Play Store and soon these will be available at Apple I Store, i will tell you about its earning methods and withdrawal process . Watch complete video.

Earning App No 1:

Download Link:

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Earning App No 2:

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Earning App No 3:

Download Link:

It is my duty to teach you that how to make money online with mobile applications. I have over 10 years experience in the online technical field. I am going to combine all my experience to enhance your knowledge about online works online make money without any investment. So watch till the end this informative video.

Thank you .

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I am Anjum Iqbal, you may know me as my all videos are viral on Snack Videos and other apps.

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I am here for the following reasons:
1. To help needy people (I will contribute 10% of my YouTube earning every month).
2. To give tips and techniques to grow your all types of Social Media accounts.
3. To educate about the latest online learning and earning tools via websites and applications.
4. To keep you updated about Community Guidelines of all earning apps & sites.

I will train you about all the Social Media Applications & earning websites, so that you all can earn more.

Topics Covered:

1 Pak Earn
2 Pak Earn Earnings Methods
3 Real Earning
4 Real Earning is Real or Fake
5 Withdrawal Methods
6 Online Earning App Today
7 Make Money Online Fast
8 Daily Withdraw Earning App
9 Online Earning App 2022 Today
10 Earn Money Online Today
11 Online Paise Kaise Kamaye
12 Without investment Earning App
13 Online Paise Kamany ka Tareka
14 Free Earning in Pakistan
15 Online Earning
16 Fast Earning App
17 Real Online Earning App
18 new pakistani earning app 2022
19 Online earning in Pakistan
20 Jazzcash easypaisa app
21 Earn money online without investment


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  1. A O A Sir
    Sir ap Jo app sites bataty haan sir un mn earning bht slow hy mn apny bty huy aik do sites py aik week se kaam kr rha lakin abhii tk 0.05 💰 bny plz sir koii ase app ka site batien J's mn bnda km ez km aik dn mn aik dollar tu earn kr skty plz Sir..

  2. sb ke sb websites ye fake hain.. our jitna inpe time lagta hena banda utny time me hazaron kama lega. baqwaz faltu aps koi b download na kare. ye bs youtube veiws chaiye inko khud youtube se kamaty hain our doaron ko chutiya banaty hain

  3. hahahah 5000 coins pe 250. hahaha lanat aise 250 pe. 😂😂 pora mahina lag jata he

  4. سر میں آنلائین کمانا چاہتا ہوں ۔میری سیلری بہت کم ہے ۔میں بہت زیادہ پریشان ہوں ۔کسی جگہ بھی جاب نہیں مل رہی ۔ذمے داریاں بہت زیادہ ہیں ۔مہربانی میری راہنمائی فرمائے

  5. Sir Peyeer account mene banaya liken yi Gaya Kaha par Kaha se deko plz help me

  6. جھوٹے انسان کتنے ڈھٹائی کے ساتھ جھوٹ بول رہے ہو اپنا ریپرل دے کر لوگوں کو بے وقوف بنا رہے ہو۔۔۔باولے کی طرح کھڑے ہوکر لوگوں کو بے وقوف بنا رہے ہو۔یہ سب کچھ فضول اور فیک ہے میں نے سب چیک کئے ہیں

  7. 3rd app ka name kia num 1 app kon see ha jis me jazz cash withdrawal hu sake thanks

  8. B's Kiya bolo apko jhot bolty hovy sharm ni ATI main 100 withdraw Kiya but wo mery account main ni a ay🥺 Dil tot giya Mera😭

  9. Sir g earning app with draw nhn dy Raha mery 100 rupy ho gae hain.butt with draw option click hi nhn ho Raha.why

  10. Yah sab fake apps hai main sab use kar chuka hun Koi fayda Nahin time West yakin Nahin to Aazma Kar Dekh Lo

  11. Bhai koi referal k bger b work h kya sb me w referal hota h or in ka main work e referal hota h. Referal k beger koi h to btao plzz

  12. Worste app totally waste of time if there is 5000 coins to withdraw minimum 250rs after watching 1000ads and ads also not come continuously after 80ads you watch they will stopped you to watching more ads…..its a big scam…. please don't download and don't waste your important time to these rubbish apps.

  13. sir esi fake apps ka bta k APNA acha khasa bna howa image kharab nar karo …….😢

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