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3 FREE Marvel SNAP cards for everyone – Collector Tokens Update

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Full Update Details:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Token Shop
1:25 Earning Tokens
2:39 Free Tokens
4:00 Min Maxing the Patch
5:25 Patch Date
6:45 Pools 4 & 5
8:24 Cards Move Pools
9:11 Outro

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  1. If you clickbait your videos with cathcy title and thumbnails then im gonna boycott your channel in the near future for sure, be real !

  2. I have 2742 cl I want to reach 3000 cl before patch comes how much credit will earn
    in 2 weeks 2 days..
    I already spend all my gold.

  3. I was hyped to see new cards but STILL no Sentry… my favorite superhero 🙁 super bummer, I see him on database…

  4. I'm GRINDING to get to 1000 from 890 collections level so I can get that extra 3000tokens :p

  5. Hey Jeff, video idea that I’d love to see: Which pool 3 cards are worth grabbing with the collector tokens, so noobs like me know what’s worth grabbing and what to avoid.

  6. Lvl 814 at the moment, really tight call to get to lvl 1000 in maybe 1 or 2 weeks left. What should I do 🙈

  7. I'm lvl 857 without seasonpass should I wait on my upgrades or can I push by doing dailies before update?

  8. I'm curious if it's going to be best to only buy pool 5 cards with tokens. Since you can get all pool 3 within a few months, specfic pool 5 cards may elude you for a year or more as new cards keep getting added.

  9. One thing to note, a lot of people are excited that they will buy their perfect card:
    The shop only offers one card at a time with 8 hour rotation. So if you have one specific card you want, you will wait 2 moths on average before it appears for the first time. Or, assuming cards will not repeat until all appeared once, average 1 month with 2 month maximum wait. On the other hand, if you have 10 cards you want, you get your first one in less that a week on average and next two in a week each.

    This is assuming I understand it correctly, and I already realize I count with 180 card pool (3 cards a day = 60 days to see all, or a given one on average), but I shouldn't count pools 1&2. I'm not fixing it because I don't know how many pool 3 cards there are, it's easy to do for anyone who does, and my math will be eventually correct when there ARE 180 pool 3 or higher cards.

  10. @HooglandiaSnap My CL is 2823 and I have 3835 gold. If I spend all my gold will I make it CL3000 and is it worth spending all those gold to reach CL 3K? Really need help….

  11. I like the agency of being able to pick cards periodically. It's nice if you are targeting one specific card to finish an archetype. Have they mentioned if the new token rollout will impact previous drop rates? I was getting a new pool 3 card every 4-5 crates I opened on average, is that still the same or is that getting farther apart with the understanding that I can buy specific cards now?

  12. Games should only be made by people with passion, understanding or is a gamer themself.. let’s be real because the best games are made by people like this

  13. 25% + 22% or 25% + 22% of 25%? Sorry…had to ask 😅

    Is there going to be friend battles at all or unranked battles to test decks do you know?

  14. You estimate that players can get 100 CL every week from dailies and 'other things', but it's mostly from playing the game. I've estimated 5-6 hours a day is what you need to get that 100. Is this near the ballpark of what you've come up with? If not, what is your estimation on how many hours one would have to play to get that 100CL a week?

  15. Good info. I wish I enjoyed the game more, but some days the randomness is just too much. I want that Thanos card when it drops, but I'm only collection level 344. I don't intend to play this game for 5 hours a day to rank up, which is totally fair in my opinion btw. If this game didn't have Ego location and Dreamworld I would be better off, but getting those and or drop a random card or discard a card back to back kills my enjoyment. Oh well. It was fun for a little bit at least.

  16. seem like good ideas, and the transparency they have with the actual numbers is a great sign. Thanks for the video, nice explanation.

  17. When you say ~200CL/week when spending $100 on gold, is that in addition to the free 100CL/week (giving you 300CL in a week) or is that already included (so that buying gold is 100)?

  18. Honestly, I was hoping for a selection of cards being offered with the option to pin one of them. I also would have liked to buy tokens directly. It's a small improvement over the stupid cache system they went with but overall I still don't like the way you unlock cards at random. People are netdecking (as the success of deckbuilding videos on YT demonstrates) and eventually there will be a pool 4 or 5 card that will define the meta and you'll have to grind the tokens while you wait for the card to show up in the Token Shop… Does not sound fun to me. I also think the new cards come way too soon. I would presume most of the players that started on release are around level 700-800 right now if they bought season passes and did all their quests which means they are not even close to having a complete tier 1 deck at this point if they were not completely lucky to draw the exact 3-4 cards from their pool 3 caches. But maybe I should just stop watching deckbuilding videos on YT and keep playing my Wong Deck until I find another card that that I can incorporate in that or find decks to level my grey cards. If you do not look at competitive decklists AT ALL and just play around the cards you have the system might be fine enough.

  19. Hmmm I'm currently level CL 829 and am a pass carrier. I log in every day and play all the missions. Should I try to go for 1000?

  20. My worry is that Pool 4 and 5 cards will be so strong that they dominate the meta. After a couple of months they will become Pool 3, but by then there will be new Pool 4 and Pool 5 cards that dominate the new meta. Essentially making Marvel Snap pay to win…

  21. how many pinned cards can you have? Shouldn't you just pin them all so you can always buy whatever you want

  22. Im collection lvl 800 and i need like 10 000 credits to get into 1000+ so i hope update doesnt drop in like a week or 2

  23. I'm at pretty much half way between 500 and 1000 and was about to start calculating if i can get to the next breakpoint, but you just saved me the work ^^
    the anwer is basically no 🙁

  24. I’m at collection level 826 free to play. I have a chance to hit 1,000? I really want to

  25. This sounds great honestly and the fact that we are now able to obtain cards that were previously unobtainable or locked behind a season pass is shows that the people behind this game really do give a damn. Liking this game more and more

  26. Just a reminder: If you aren’t going to hit a milestone (aka CL1000 or 3000), then you should be saving your credits up to the cap to get the better boxes.

    100CL per week is a useful estimate. Patch might drop before the next season, Jeff estimated between Nov29 and Dec1st. 5:25

  27. 100 per box with luck? and a card costs 1000 ?
    means instead of getting 1 card (1000) per box with luck like now, they reduce the number so much that you have to be lucky 10 times to get a new card instead of being lucky only 1x.
    Wow -.-.

    at least if I have understood correctly.
    of course, if you're only missing 4 cards from all of them, so to speak, that's good. But if you are still missing many is the rip-off.
    of course, it may be that I havent misunderstood something

  28. "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." –Ray Goforth

  29. Thanks for the info! Are you planning on doing a video on the top 5 pool 3 cards to use your tokens on? I would imagine Serra would be a top card to get first.

  30. The best thing about Snap was you get actually get all of the cards as a f2p player. That is completely going away with this update. All they did was duplicate the Hearthstone model: 1 legendary every 40 card packs. As a f2p or even a small spender, you have no way of competing anymore. You won’t get enough tokens fast enough to keep up with specific cards that you want. And we’ll just have to wait to see what the plan is for the new weekly card…

  31. Currently at CL 2964, gotta make sure I pass that 3000 line before this patch. Thanks for the info!

  32. I'am currently CL 700. It ll be extremly frudtrating if i end up CL ~900.
    Do i get +3000 new tokens if i get CL 1000 even after the release ?

  33. I don't like the fact it's not level specific but 500-1000
    I'm 880 and I'll never reach 1000 in time and yet it's still 380 levels of waist instead of what they say is arround 2000 tokens worth

  34. Every time a content creator says we're going to be able to add a card "of our choice" with the new system I feel gaslit. You do realize it's all dependent on what cards actually show up in the shop for us to purchase/freeze?

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