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30+ Tips and Tricks to Win in Splatoon 3 on Switch

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Paint the town red/blue/green/purple/orange…

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  1. Don't ink the base. Ink it as you spawn. Lose so many matches because constantly getting 2v1'd while my team is in base hanging around.

  2. Another tip for Salmon Run: There's a small King Salmonoid on the right corner when in the lobby, it'll fill up the more you play and once it's full, the chance to encounter him will be high. I've yet to beat him, but I know you get fish scale currency to purchase Grizz Co. Equipment or accessories.

  3. I’m aggressive I’m going to get to the middle and paint than hit them in their spawn they never see it coming in the beginning than I hang back and support my team while painting

  4. First time every playing splatoon , been loving it ! Don’t know if I’ll ever get use to the motion controls , so far I have done great without it

  5. A little correction on squid rolling, while the game doesn't expressly explain, they do infer it because they have you do that in the final area of the story mode

  6. If you die, the enemy is still near you, and you’re quick, hit the ouch call to give teammates info.

  7. I think the biggest tip is taking control of the center pretty quick and then inking the spawn once you get splatted and have to respawn. Also, don't settle down too quickly on a weapon, altough I am mainly a roller main, there was moments where I wasn't really feeling it and trying out new weapons was super helpful.

  8. I don’t know if it’s been said before, but don’t have a squid party during ranked matches.

  9. Thank you for your video, although I’ve been playing since Splat 1 (I had 2 children since as well) and I felt so unskilled at turf war on Splat 3! Constantly being targeted and taken out so I feel good now about turfing at my own pace and with other players 🙂 I’m a ‘profreshional’ at Salmon Run though!

  10. Control preference is just that, preference. If you don't use motion controls you can still do fine, I see a lot of folks confused on what they should use. Use what you're comfortable with & learn the game with that.

  11. I don’t know if you mentioned this yet since I’m around the start of the video but when you were talking about inking the base in my opinion I think certain weapons should stay and ink the base and some should go straight to the middle

  12. Another Turf Wars tip for any newcomers: Walls don’t count towards your point total, only the ground does. Only ink the walls if you need to swim up it.

  13. Question time: if the guy can change abilities on your gear why couldn’t we go for the one we like and change the abilities as we like?

  14. I’m not understanding the motion control setting Is it supposed to turned off or on which is better if I’m using a controller

  15. Just started playing today, my first ever Splatoon game. At 45+ years old, I don't have a hope in traditional multiplayers. In this game, I feel like I do. Plus, it's fun, and I think the short games will make it addictive.

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