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36 Elimination Solo vs Squads Win Full Gameplay Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

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  1. We’re you in a creative map yesterday and kept knocking down a tower that a player was building?

  2. 8:53 I was so confused with what he was trying to do until he did it than I realized this man is the
    Einstein of Gaming 🧠

  3. 2:43
    This whole clip is disgusting 🤮🔥
    I ain't never seen Warzone level movement in Fortnite bro
    That made me wanna get back on
    Jesus Christ

  4. I'm glad u be picking up crowns unlike kingjoe who refuse to do it even tho it's in his username like bruh

  5. Jesussss my mans mustve had an extra cup of coffee or somethin
    Great game, Fast paced, super fun to watch
    Accuracy xtra good in dis one

  6. This is so satisfying to watch. This guy is a beast. I wish I was half as good lol

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