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5 Ways To Earn ROBUX For Free On Roblox 2022!

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5 Ways To Earn ROBUX For Free On Roblox 2022! Today i show how to earn free robux! download traffic puzzle here:
🌟Use star code “CANDY” when buying robux, premium or roblox gift cards
Follow my roblox profile, click the Three dots, then press follow on my account here:
My Roblox Username: CookieCutterYT

Watch More Cookie Cutter Here
👟Shoe Channel:
📷Instagram @Mattyajp
👻snapchat @mattyajp
🐦twitter @CookieCutterYT”
🎮join my discord –

#robloxadoptme #adoptmeupdate


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  1. i relly want becuse all my friends has lots of it they buy stuff and just makes me joules

  2. I try to make friends they make fun of me because I only have two yogurt because that's why I'm trying to get robot

  3. i want because even if its only one atleast i got it and i dont want to show off cuse its only for my own satisfaction nothing else matterbut its okay if i dont win

  4. hello my username is crazyalfiehorse 🙂 i hope your having a lovely day/night


  6. Some for me and to help my friend shes been wanting something for a longgggg time almost five months

  7. I want roubx to change my avatar so people don’t make fun of me because of my avatar

  8. The artist selling one you have to have clothing to put in with it bc I've tried so I know

  9. Omg it woarkd thanx so much I have 18 thousand I will give 10 thousand to u guys comment ur yourser name comment down below

  10. My poppy pased and we have to pay for funeral and we are poor and roblox helps me releve stress

  11. Hey Cookie pls accept my frnd request pls I am a bigggggg fan love from India
    I have a question what is that game first way pls accept
    Username- liaaaaaaaaa_972 pls Cookie love ya see u in next vid bye 👋

  12. I need roebucks to play adopt me and get rich and get a bunch of ride potions to get legendary‘s and then trade the legendary‘s for a dream pets

  13. I need robucks because I have never have any robucks and my user is a bud aye123

  14. XxkokoXx12344 i really wanna buy every thing so bad in my favorites 🙂

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