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64 PLAYER GROUND WAR! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta)

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  1. LIKE this video if you're hyped to play Ground War on the MW2 Beta!

    I had some terrible luck but there was also a ton of fun and goofy stuff that happened, hope you guys enjoy watching the highlights lol

  2. "Everyone who we're killing is an actual real person" – M3rkmusic while laughing. Imagine if a person 200 years ago had the opportunity to listen for a few seconds into the future and this is what that person heard. What do you think would be going on in his mind?

  3. Im a battfield guy…but this beta looks way better than battfield. Besides bf4 lol. But fr the ezplosions are decent. Pistols look good. Gun animations are amazing. Pulling pistol out while holding rifle. Finally they listen. And ground war…take my money. Hipe they fix ttk. Just a tad bit. Not too much though. Also they need to start dping maps that have sum setting. Or full out night modes would be sick. Also would love to see a survival mode with friends and able build bases and have a weapons table and rack to store weapons. Make us feel like we have control. Go rescue hostages and interact with other players in game all.while getting loot, missions, vehicles. Build bases, interact with different parts of the world and add zombies to it as dope

  4. “I don’t like how the rooms lead to dead ends and nothing.”

    That’s how most rooms in real life work…

  5. Merk there's a sniper only mode in rainbow six siege you should try it I got a feed with a collat

  6. Honesoem of the ground war maps felt too big, since it took a bit to find someone and have a battle, but other then that ground war seems cool.

  7. You could try using an LMG primary and pila secondary and shoot the heli with the lmg before you hit it with the pila?

  8. For anyone that doesn't know the drill charges work on vehicles so if you throw one on a tank it will kill the people inside.

  9. Yesterday I tried out the free beta and I’ve been having a blast I even went on a 18 kill streak which was fun

  10. I don't know what to say. I was a battlefield fan, I loved the conquest mode in bf, but those recent games they just make the map bigger and increase the player count. Lots of space feel empty to me. In this beta, I have more fun than in bf 2042 and this mode will be provide the bf gameplay for me and I can play close quater in tdm which is pretty good ;D.

  11. I think I just got in a game with you like 30 minutes ago and if it was you that was a good game and I am glad I got into a lobby with you.

  12. Tbh in groundwar I would like armer plates how ever some times warzone rumble or Caldera clash is live those are my faveret game modes.

  13. They should make it so you can select gamemode and map in the new one like. cod mobile did it and I have to say it keeps me playing more and knew what kind of vibe I am feeling.

  14. god i hate one specific map in mw2019 ground war which is the smallest one, i had to admit it is a groundbreaking mode for CoD but still not good enough, hope they didn't recycle their work to reuse them in Warzone 2 contents

  15. The javlin has a thermal sight like irl. And is great for scouting. Or getting cheap kills off of the heli

  16. Has anyone else's ground war games been ending in Nukes going off ? Is that a killstreak or something ?

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