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Adding a player to the TIGERS until they WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!

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PO Box Address – 17870 Newhope St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Suite 104, PO BOX 450

Welcome Kleschka Crew! The Detroit Tigers are preparing to get out of their rebuild and we are here to take them ALL THE WAY TO THE WORLD SERIES! Enjoy!


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  1. I'm a tigers fan.theres no way there getting Mike trout.(tigers miracle)

  2. TBH this might sound weird, but Mike Trout looks clean in a Tigers uniform

  3. I will say trout looks good in the tigers uniform [nonthing against the Angels]

  4. Most recent deficit anyone’s comeback from is the Chicago Cubs in 2016. Indians were up 3-1 and managed to lose.

  5. No sadly the Braves had a three and 0 against the Yankees and like every Atlanta franchise choked in the championship

  6. Austin Kleschka after getting Alex Reyes: We’re getting some good arms in the bullpen.
    Me: So you telling me Reyes is a good pitching arm 😂😂

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