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American Reacts to What it Takes to Earn the Victoria Cross | Timeline

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What does it take to earn the Victoria Cross – the British Medal of Honor? Turns out, a lot. This is my first time learning about the Victoria Cross, and I also learn about some British military history in WWII. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe!

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  2. When a New Zealand SAS soldier won the VC during the war in Afghanistan, he initially refused it, because it would make him famous, and no one is allowed to know that you are in the SAS.
    He received it after his armoured vehicle was knocked out in an ambush. He then carryed a wounded man several hundred meters through open ground under machine gun and RPG fire.. When he reached safety of another vehicle, he put the soldier down and removed the mounted machine from the vehicle , and returned to combat.

    The reason behind the metal is that the British had just fought the Crimean war against the Russians, and making monuments out of cannons captured from ones enemies was a European tradition.

    Operation Market Garden was one of the worst planned military balls ups in history. The main reason for it was that the leaders of the various parachute regiments could see that they weren't going to get a chance to win any more glory before the war ended.
    The whole plan relied on securing all the bridges on a highway between Belgium and Holland, and driving tanks across the 30 mile distance, in 2 days.
    The Germans blew the second bridge.
    They had aerial recon photos showing German tanks bivouacked in the British landing zone. The officer who pointed that out was put on sick leave. The British radios didn't work beyond a mile. The British commander had never organised a drop, so he chose a drop zone too far from his target. The list goes on and on.

  3. Airborne are supposed to be surrounded.

    They LZ may not be secure. The best you can hope for is clear of enemy. We train for the worst and hope for the best

  4. The story of the cannon is remarcable in it's own right.
    it was captured iin battle by privet solders and then held and used against several counter attacks.
    It is the contaversy around the bravery and heroism shown by the men who took the cannon that triggered the creation of the VC in the 1st place. and it is to honor these men that the medal is made from this cannon metal.

  5. Johnson Beharry Won the last VC on 18th March 2005 and lived to tell the tale. Check his story out.

  6. i done 12 yrs scottish division 1980 my training platoon was speakman platoon speakman VC 😀 kings own scottish borderers when he won the VC

  7. it`s symbolic to use metal from a canon you have caprured. there is nothing much more symbolic, it`s rare, it`s unthinkable. it means something. it`s like owning a piece of the berlin wall or wembley turf 🙂

  8. It`s bronze made from captured russian canons from the crimean war. there isn`t much left today, the remaining bronze is kept in a jewelers safe in london somewhere i think and when he gets the order he makes the medal.

  9. The British were in Vietnam in 45 to 47 and the British army used the surrendered Japanese to police the streets and the British army had the vietnamese on the robes and would have destroyed them (you have to remember the largest single British army was fighting Japan in the jungle…..4 million men more than the British had in France and Italy) but the French turned up and wanted the colony back! So the viet cong got away…..when the USA got involved the British refused to help because of the suez conflict and the USA tried to keep the atom bomb itself ( both had made it so the British had to make nukes again) so the British had its own problems withdrawal from empire and most of the British army 110,000 plus airforce and nuclear weapons were in Germany the navy was everywhere and northern Ireland started in 1969 40,000 troops plus 10,000 UDR British soldiers…….nope

  10. Yes a lion represents the british its on most things, the royal standards, the football shirt, above the law courts (lion and unicorn) unicorn Scotland. all territories which have the queen as head of state can earn it, australia, canada, NZ etc

  11. I would never accept one because they are handed out by coward filth for whom no bravery is ever enough to please them. 😎

  12. 21:28 The British HAD intelligence about the panzer division being there, but they didn't trust the sources and ignored it as "unconfirmed".

  13. Other letters after your name could be another medal like D.F.C. (Distinguish Flying Cross) or a Royal award like an O.B.E (Order of the British Empire) or a qualification, like Ph.D

  14. In answer to your, why they retreated after an apparent victory, they had nearly no food and ammunition, if the Germans had returned they would have more than likely been over run, and they were exhausted, without the reinforcements they needed, they had to withdraw.

  15. Theres also the george medal which is for non millitary for ordinary people

  16. a) The British did have intelligence there was significant German presence in the Arnhem area. They chose to disregard it.

    b) Worse – the German opposition was led by an expert in airborne tactics who immediately recognised exactly what the plan of attack must be and initiated very effective counter-tactics.

    c) You're right – securing the landing area would have been a great plan. But the allied paratroopers were out-numbered and out-gunned.

  17. Did the British use Chinese cannons? ….. FFS! I must stop watching this crap where Americans react, it's like having your teeth pulled!!

  18. The Queens guard do talk, they frequently yell "MAKE WAY FOR THE QUEENS GUARD" when you get in their way

  19. Why ain't it shiny? The real deal does not wish to shine over you but to be the hovering shade over everyone ordinary!

  20. These days that kind of fuckup (excuse my French) would probably be unlikely to happen in a modern developed county's army. They didn't have satellites and radios were spotty. Plus airbourne assault was brand new in WW2, we've learned a lot of hard lessons since then. That being said, airbourne assaults are always going to be risky business even today, that's why they are counted a elite troops, they're the first ones in with little armoured support, a lot of things can still go wrong expecially if the enemy knows you're coming.

    When ground forces secures the landing zone first that wouldn't really be class as an airbourne assault, it would just be parachuting in reinforcements, still risky, but not as risky was cold dropping into a hotzone like the British Parachute Regiment or the US' 101st Airborne are trained to do.

  21. Check out the story about 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' the cannon from which the metal is taken, comes from this military action.
    Where the Lion is concerned, we The British have always used the image of the Lion as a standard of Strength & Courage. It appears in Coats of Arms & Banners. We are not & have never been a big country but one that has always 'punched above our weight ' as just like a Lion, there is no giving up hence the strength & longevity of the alliance between the UK & US.

  22. Look at the Crimean war which was where the Cannons used for the metal for the medal were captured.

  23. Essentially the lion symbollises Great Britain and the British Empire, Great Britain was the lion that mauled the wold claiming the the title of the world's biggest empire. The lion on the medal represents th courage of the British people. Think of Ricahrd the Lion-heart. The french called him Richard Cour de lion and his lioneharted courage and bravery symbolizes the courage. bravery and indomitable spirt that is needed to conquer such a large empire and rule it rom a tiny island.

  24. The Vietnam war is a different historical event for the British. The British Vietnam war happened from 1945-46 where they captured the south of the country before handing it back over to the French.

  25. The rhine is in germany, the biggest airborn assult ever Operation Market Garden 17 Sept 1944 – 25 Sept 1944

  26. My Great Great Great Grandfather won the Victoria Cross. After over 18 years serving in the army I didn't even come close to winning one.

  27. Jeremy clarkson hes a motoring journalisy sally.

    The victoria cross goes back to the crimea war of 1835 and the charge of the light bregade. And the siege of sebastopol modern day ukraine.

    Queen victoria wanted a medel for valour for her millitary. Its made out of the gun mettal. Taken from the Russia guns at the siege..

    This is the highest award for all military forces in the uk.
    The most ever awarded was for the action of Raukes Drift in south africa during the boer war.

    However most are postumus the recipient of the award died in this action. And normally given to his relitives.
    Hope it helps
    As a boy in the 1960s i had relitive in all brances of uk military. Some of them were involved in D day landings, dieppe and Arnam known as operation market garden one of my mothers cousins were in parachute regt at the time. They made a film in 1970s a bridge to far. With sean cannery rodger moore, ryan o neal and others. Us canadian and british forces were involved not just uk

  28. The VC can be awarded to anyone who served or is serving in HM Forces of the UK, from any Country (including Nepalese Gurkha's), or anyone serving or served in the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth Countries too.

    Only three men have been awarded two VC's, all were Medical Personnel too!

    We have had the honour, to call two Gurkha VC's our friends, VC Pun and VC Gurung, who sadly have died.

    Our own family members, who served or are serving in the British and Commonwealth army, naval, marines and air forces or special forces and Reservists too.

    We been serving from at least and since 1750's to the present day.

    Our first KIA or MIA was an Army Officer, serving in the American War of Independence 1776, since then 9 family members have been Killed In Action's (KIA), last in Afghanistan in the early 2000's.

    With 55 other family members, Wound in Action's (WIA's), or left disabled from military service too!

    The family members, both men and women, have won their fair share of British Medals too.

    We even had a family member, at the Battle of Rorke's Drift 1879, in the Anglo Zulu War, who was awarded a medal too.

    With 150 British and Commonwealth Defenders, against over 3,000 Zulu Warriors.

    Where 11 VC's were awarded at the same time for the same battle, a record never been matched too.

    With since the end of WW2, only 15 VC's have been awarded, 11 to members of the British Army and 4 going to Members of the Australian Armed Forces too.

    In the history of the VC, two thirds of the VC's medals have personally awarded by a Members of the British Royalty, to the Recipients or their families too, out of all 1,335 Victoria Crosses awarded.

    Of these 13 VC's have been awarded to British Gurkha Army Officers, while an equal number of 13 VC medals have been awarded to Nepalese and Indian born Gurkha Soldiers too!

    Along with All VC medals, are made from metal, which actually comes from a captured Russian Artillery Cannon, which the British took in the Crimea War at the Siege of Sevastopol 1854 to 1855 too!
    Namaste Gurkhamum and Wheelchaircharlie39 David (disabled veteran) too

  29. The lion is the symbol for England but also for Britain as a whole, which represents the entire of the UK

  30. Hence why History should be taught to school children. I don't mean to be rude, but you should really at least look up content before you put on Youtube. And yes the British were involved in WW2. Long before the USA became involved.

  31. The lion denotes the fact that the recipient fought like a lion. The battle for the bridge was filmed…one of my favourite war movies.

  32. The Victoria Cross is NOT the British Medal of Honour, the MOH is a LESSER Medal that is MUCH EASIER to be awarded.
    The MOH is based on the VC, not the other way around.

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