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ARCADE KINGDOMS – First Strategy 2 Earn (S2E) Game on the blockchain technology!

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  1. I checked it too. it is on private sale that will end at the end of the month. I will buy tomorrow.

  2. all tokens in the posschain ICO was finished. they have a private sale now. it looks like it will end in three weeks

  3. posschain team has two people that worked for ethereum before. project may skyrocket soon

  4. this type of projects like posschain pumps a lot. it will be listed on october. solid project 👍

  5. looks like posschain is not a locked token. I am looking to learn more about it.

  6. I just purchased 15k posschain token. I will wait for 6 months for it to rise to $10

  7. it looks like posschain's supply is really low. it should be really easy to earn money with it.

  8. I joined this posschain too and I bought 2500 of them. it will be great if they will be listed for $2

  9. mate we are in bear season. tell us something that will save our asses and we can invest all in

  10. someone above wrote and I checked on CMC. only blockchain projects rised this week, all the others have not enough volume

  11. mate can you make a video about posschain? I follow you for a long time, your comments are important for me.

  12. guys ICO is over, they are duing the private sale and all sales will end in 2 weeks. It will be listed on exchanges later on

  13. I got good profit from mana. it is better to buy posschain for $500 instead of not investing anywhere

  14. guys do you think posschain will scale up like solona? I got good profit from solona

  15. I am investing on blockchain projects since 2018. I bought posschain for $2000, it will skyrocket during the bull season.

  16. now we are in bear season and when I look at the rising projects in the market, they are all blockchain projects. posschain can arise well too.

  17. I saw posschain last month and purchased for $600. I feel like it will raise good during the bull season.

  18. I am happy to live in the 21st century and see how the world is developing, we have reached the point where we buy and sell non-physical products!

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