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Best Way To Unlock FOTF Diamonds! FASTEST Ways To EARN XP in MLB The Show 22

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  1. I got Murphy on my roll to and then I got Carson Kelly with my next pack It sucked cuz I got to 2 worst picks on both packs

  2. I’m gonna sound like Jerry Seinfeld but what the hell is the point of turning off the tutorial and yet every time I get into the player hub I have to go through that tutorial.

  3. I had a glitch for the silver path where I didn’t get points while playing rtts. Is this happening to other people?

  4. Thanks for the RTTS advice. Just started today and it's working like a charm. Advancing nicely.

  5. The mini season was giving me losses for wins, so I quit playing. I'm working on the the big conquest map at the moment.

  6. I want to do this but I’m on ps4 and can’t do the stadium thing so it doesn’t work as well, any tips on what to do?

  7. I’ve been doing the xp thing today and I just got on and it told me I hit the “Daily XP cap hit” and that I can’t earn anymore XP through gameplay for 8 hours🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Love to see the sponser I’ll definitely use the code I remember subbing to you last year keep it going 🐐

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