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BIG CASH! You can EARN so much MONEY with this.. (Roblox Jailbreak)

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Roblox Jailbreak New SAFE are expensive. But at the same time you can take advantage of it and it can pay you a pretty lump sum if this happens.. This can be an insane way to earn and grind Jailbreak cash method. Watch the video to find out!

Because of the new SAFE system in Jailbreak, players spent a lot of in game money after buying these SAFE for the chance of winning the legendary prizes. Jailbreak players are unhappy about it. But you can turn this around if you have gotten all of the legendary prizes. How? I will explain in this video.

Roblox Jailbreak NEW Safe System has dozens of community made prizes!
Tier 1 costs $5,000 cash. Inside you’ll find Badonut Tires, Slasher Rims, Terminator Wing
Tier 2 costs $15,000 cash. Inside you’ll find Abstract Rims, Grand Piano, Construction Tires, RFX Rims, and Firespitter Wing
Tier 3 costs $35,000 cash. Inside you’ll find Plane Chair, Rally Rims, Cyber Couch, Police Rims, Airline Wing, and Tracer Tires
Tier 4 will be $75,000 cash. It has Hold E Rims, Japan Tire, RoadWarrior Skin, Dino Display, Speed Tire, GTRWing, Dabloons, and RaceWing
Tier 5 costs $100,000: It has The SHELL CLASSIC Vehicle, Tesseract Rims, Lightning Tire, Dragon Wing, King Wing, and Vault Rims

Yes, you can win a new CAR with Jailbreak SAFE Tier 5, the Jailbreak Shell Classic! I am sure it will be valuable in Jailbreak Trading

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Roblox Jailbreak Season 11 have two reward cars. One of them is Level 8 TINY TOY CAR and I got the special edition of this seasonal car for your early review. How good is it? What is the top speed? Is Jailbreak Tiny Toy Car worth to grind for at level 8 Season 11? I will answer all these questions in this video.

Jailbreak Season 11 rewards are
Level 2: Teddybear Rims by @DingoDoggo2
Level 3: Puzzle Couch by @DrRadium88!
Level 4: Remote Control Wing by @MrSSR_55
Level 5*: Track Toy Rims by @DrRadium88
Level 6: Wooden Toy Vehicle Skin by @Ickleon37
Level 7*: Water Gun Wing by @SpeedQue3n
Level 8: Tiny Toy Car VEHICLE by Badimo!
Level 9*: Jetpack Wing by @SpeedQue3n
Level 10: THE BLOXY! by @Sharky_Cat109
Top 2% of players will win the Spinning Key Wing by @JBDelorean

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  1. I LOVE jailbreak but the amount of cheaters/hackers is getting insane! Awsome vid!

  2. Oh crap why would you make a video about this the devs will obviously gonna fix it in the next season

  3. I got 1m extra with this
    I had 1m and i bought them

    And now i spent it all and have 100k instead

  4. Personally I would buy the safes, it has many cool stuff and I might get shell classic so I would buy the safes imo

  5. Dat i want to talk to asimo bc i opend a purple crate and it landed on shell classic but at the time when it landed i was teleporting to trading and i didnt get the car

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