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Biggest Reasons Crypto Games Fail | Avoid "Play to Earn" Projects With These Red Flags

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0:00 Intro – Why Web3 Games Fail
1:11 SPONSOR: Unstoppable Domains
2:25 Introductions
2:51 What will end the crypto bear market?
4:56 Do I really own stuff in NFT games?
8:37 Should gamers care about crypto games?
13:19 Risks of innovating when making games
17:41 Player hate of web3 games
21:27 Players loosing money in the Metaverse
24:40 Can the “play to earn” model work?
29:40 What’s holding back web 3 games right now?
32:48 How to spot exploitative NFT games?
37:54 Types of CRYPTO GAMES that WILL DIE
40:54 How to find sustainable game economies?
44:09 Why crypto games MUST BE FUN
46:08 How will games look 10 years from now?
50:01 Michael Rubinelli’s intro to on chain games
52:49 Free to play innovators are also P2E innovators
55:31 How is WAX different form other blockchains?
1:00:42 Are Solana and Layer2 ETH solutions a threat to WAX?
1:02:39 Early success is not a gift
1:04:20 How to get started with WAX as a gamer?
1:06:48 How do we stop exploitation of crypto games?
1:08:29 Will AI bots destroy web3 games?
1:16:17 How can I develop games on WAX?
1:17:32 What’s Michael’s favorite NFT game?
1:21:10 When will crypto games be mainstream?
1:23:19 Finals thoughts

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#Metaverse #NFT #Crypto
👋 My name’s Jake, AKA the On Chain Gamer, I’m a 27 year old who loves science fiction, investing, crypto and gaming… I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion thru my videos! Ready Player One is one of my favorite books!

❓ On Chain Gaming means gaming on the blockchain where gamers have real ownership! Traditional games keep ownership of all in game assets & have the right to termite items from your account and prohibit their resale. That’s NOT player ownership, but Blockchain games give REAL ownership of in game items and currency to players! NFT assets on the Ethereum blockchain mean in game items can be stored in crypto wallets, used in game or sold to other gamers for REAL MONEY! Crypto games enable real PLAY TO EARN game economies because wealth in blockchain games translates to wealth in real life! Blockchain gaming merges the real economy and virtual game economies into one massive economy!

🎵 Music By Josh Freeman
🎥 Edited By Nate Browatzke
🎨 Intro art by Juan Casini –

⚠️ This video was created for entertainment purposes ONLY! This is not financial advice. While this video does reflect my honest opinions at the time of making this video, NFT’s and all unregulated crypto assets have risk.
For business inquiries, my email address can be found on my YouTube channel’s about page here:

Thanks so much for watching this blockchain gaming video! This video is sponsored by Gala Games, Unstoppable Domains, the Wax blockchain and viewers like you!


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  1. Love the longer/in depth videos.
    I think the shorter videos where you only have time for surface/rushed overview are why some people think you're into hype over substance. More of this please 🙂

  2. Great video Jake, it would be great to watch more conversations with Michael and WAX team. Great work.

  3. look at that happy face and remember it when he becomes a foe of gala. Just like axie. No honor for this man. Instead if trying some positivity for projects like axie (at least axie. the rest were garbage from the beginning), he makes a video of the cryptogaming fails. highly manipulating his audience to the galaverse. Another pump and dum(b)p specialist. Oh, and man please, stop smiling believing this makes you cute and believable, it does not work, at least for people with brains. Prepare now for the galapump.

  4. You forgent to mention here one of the biggest fails "TONW STAR" FROM GALA? 😀

    Or yuo are told not to mention

  5. talking crap about league of legends when wax cant even develop a moba game that is as good as LoL.

    So funny. talk only. show something of LoL game callibre and impress me.

    Wax is so far behind polygon, avalanche and solana in terms of web 3 gaming 😂😂😂

  6. Also has a lot to do with Gala purposefully being dicks to their audience and basically never keeping promises

  7. Jake is your background in the interview an nft? I remember an older nft project that was an animated cockpit like that but in a different artstyle.

  8. Why you don't care about price of crypto? It is 6x higher than in previous crypto bear market. It is so exciting!

  9. How many players do you think would buy TOWNSTAR NFTs if it wasn't a P2E GAME? or how many players there would be playing from start?

  10. Sorry ! Splinterlands have assests you can trade on Wax, but all those millions transactions take place on Hive.

  11. Great video Jake. Thanks for making this interview happen. It was great to hear beliefs being fostered in WAX. It’s a fantastic perspective and mentality to keep focused on in the Web3 space

  12. Every crypto "player" just screams about ROI and profits and rushes to calculate that before going in, they only care about the money not the project itself.Crypto gaming will evolve but slowly and without much interest for now.

  13. Great content ! Sir , and Nice video also But I think P2E sector will bloom once the developer starting focusing on the gameplay Like Farcana , which is best P2E metaverse battle royale game developed on Unreal Engine

  14. Will whrite has partnered with Gala games and will build his game, whatever it is, with Gala. Gallium studios partnered with Gala as well. Not financial advice. I also think Gala will be the leader in Web3 gaming, music and movies. Not financial advice

  15. You put way to much emphasize on the money side of things concerning crypto gaming. It doesnt really matter if a skin or item is an NFT to a gamer. Thats just interesting for the moon boys. Some games already allow you to sell skins without a market place.

  16. Man this guy gets it. Even talking about the sunken cost fallacy (being guilted into staying in a game because of time and effort or money invested)

  17. Only card games like Sorare seem to work and be sustainable. One of the reasons it's because the game gives weekly rewards for players. So it pays off to be a whale keep playing the game. Your assets are really worth something!

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