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Buffalo Bills discuss their Week 12 win at Detroit Lions

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The Buffalo Bills discussed their Week 12 win at Detroit Lions.
Josh Allen threw two touchdown passes and also ran for a score as the Bills celebrated Thanksgiving in Detroit with a Week 12 victory.


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  1. They couldn’t get down the field all game, Then they get down the field in 20 seconds! Why? Because They gave diggs a deep ball! Dorsey trying to force the run and being afraid to give Diggs those deep contested balls has to stop! Daboll understood how to play this team! Dorsey is either blind or just a horrible OC but the deep ball to Diggs is how this team can win a Super Bowl, If he keeps calling plays how he is this team has no shot and his OC careers will be brief! Not liking what Dorsey has been doing so far!

  2. As a member of Bill's Mafia maybe these 2 wins inside at FORD FIELD should rally the faithful for a DOMED ROOFED INDOOR STADIUM FOR the Bill's next! Why spend 1 Billion Dollars + for an open stadium when we seem to win more indoors! Not to mention the NFL would seriously entertain a Superbowl host bid if we built one! Imagine a team this good hosting a Superbowl in their own warm snow free indoor house! Build a piece of glass square roof for God to look down on and bless his favorite team and mine Buffalo Bill's with the Greatest fans in da world Bill's Mafia Strong! Please make the wishes of this Bill's Mafia AZ fan come true! Come to Phoenix in February let me see you represent the AFC as CHAMPIONS! Then win the Lombardi Trophy! I have waited 55 yrs for that to happen please make it so! GOD BLESS YOU FELLAS ONE AND ALL!

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