Call of Duty League Major IV Qualifiers Week 3

Call of Duty League Major IV Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 2

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Welcome to Major IV Qualifiers Week 3! Catch all the action this weekend from July 8-10.

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2022 CDL Rosters:

Atlanta FaZe
— Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, Arcitys
Boston Breach
— Methodz, TJHaly, Nero, Vivid
OpTic Texas
— Scump, Dashy, Shotzzy, Prolute
New York Subliners
— Crimsix, Hydra, Paulehx, Kismet
Minnesota Røkkr
— Priestahh, Attach, Standy, Havok
Seattle Surge
— Accuracy, Mack, Pred, Sib
LA Thieves
— Drazah, Kenny, Octane, Envoy
London Royal Ravens
— Afro, Zer0, Nastie, Harry
Toronto Ultra
— Insight, Cammy, Bance, CleanX
Los Angeles Guerrillas
— SlasheR, Spart, Asim, Huke
Florida Mutineers (F3F3)
— Skyz, Owakening, Majormaniak, 2Real
Paris Legion
— Temp, John, Jimbo, GRVTY

#CDL2022 #MajorIV


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  1. Kenny is complete trash bench him!!

  2. Vanguard is hot trash tbh

  3. 6:58:31 One of the best plays this year 💯

  4. If youre an optic fan, you secretly support LA Theives right? come one… its yo boi Nade's and also Envoy is in the roster.

  5. Temp is ass he’s just not a winner kid has an ego and has never won anything

  6. This game makes MW look good. It’s actually wild that people are playing for serious money on this shit

  7. Cod is getting for gays these days

  8. I can’t believe Seattle choked that control. That was actually impressive how horribly they played the last 3 rounds

  9. Florida, get rid of wake and I will become a fan of yall again. Lil arrogant, no championship having f***

  10. PurpleWeasel1323

    brice casting was unreal today. 🌻🌼🌷

  11. Any team who made a roster change , not counting illness or injury, should lose full

  12. 7:31:51 the casting at that moment was primetime

  13. Woah, FaZe actually won?

  14. FaZe the best in the game no doubt

  15. faze up let's go

  16. Legion vs Rokkr 35:43
    Breach vs Ultra 2:42:18
    Thieves vs Mutineers 4:35:19
    FaZe vs Surge 6:34:58

  17. Ahhahah the fact them delusional fans think celium not the MVP

  18. Dang cellium with a 1v4 he a REAL MVP.

  19. Yikes