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Can I Earn 700 GOLD IN 7 DAYS On My New Account? PART 1/2 – Zero to Hero Episode 21

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An opportunity has arisen! The Steam Elite Jump-Start Package is available for my new account to pick up – for the rather tricky price of 2400 gems. While a fully developed account would have no issues reaching this level of wealth within the week that the sale is on – Tier 4 Fractals would get the job done incredibly quickly – I have no such luck on my MicrotransactionEnjoyer account. Can I beat the odds and gather ONE HUNDRED GOLD EVERY DAY for a week, or will this incredible deal slip through my fingers?

00:00 – Day 0
13:35 – Day 1
51:01 – Day 2

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  1. Constantly advertises 30-40g/hr farming – says 100g/day is hard to farm. Hmmmm something isnt adding up 😉

  2. One thing that I liked to do for making gold from dungeon currencies is get exotics with stats that can give insignias after salvaging, i/e soldiers, shamans, etc.

  3. don't forget to get in automated pvp tournament every 3 hours for free 10-15 liquid gold + coins (pvp is almost
    dead so literally free gold)

  4. I'm still confused why can you open big chests at the end of a strike but cannot open the medium one. Is it bugged? Wiki says that both open with 2nd mastery level

  5. Honestly, I normally don't watch your long videos on here because I can't keep my attention. But the challenge of trying to earn all that gold by doing as much content as you can early on made it a lot more interesting for me! Good video 😊

  6. hey teapot, im realy wondering. can you buy any of the expansions or the core game purely by ingame currency? what im realy getting at is, can i play a fully free account to the end of dragons endgame? was thinking of doing the same as u did but cant see the expansions on the gemstore. seeing ur videos it moastly seems like the only "expansion like" stuff you can buy is the living world seasons, is that right?

  7. 56:58 To undercut on the TP it's a little bit easier than clicking on the tiny down button: Just hover over the number field and scroll down one tick with the mouse wheel.

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