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Can You Earn 25,000 Primogems In 24 Hours?

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Is it possible to earn 25,000 Primogems in 24 hours?

– Shoutout to MostlyTy for winning the $1000 (rip my wallet)

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What The Video Is About: In this video, I do a Genshin (jenshin) Impact challenge where I have to earn 25,000 Primogems fast and quickly or else I will have to give away $1000 and delete my 5-star weapons. Is it possible to earn Primogems quickly? Well watch this informative Genshin Impact guide on how to earn Primogems and you may learn how to!

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  1. remembering my alt account that i havent touched since february and now i wanna get the login and try this

  2. I get more than 800+in 2-3hour killing +Chests+ achievements +events and missions

  3. Lol I'm here because i want to get Xiao if i don't before the banner close I'm done. Bye bye

  4. Can I consider myself lucky getting Diluc . Barbara and Noelle in my first ten pulls? 🙃

  5. woah I didn't even know that was possible! I give all my respects to your effort!

  6. That’s… a lot of primogems.. well.. Maybe I’ll do this on a new account I make someday

  7. I just realized if you only collected the codes that give 100 primos there’s about 47 of the codes that give primos so if you collected all those codes that would be 4700 primogems

    (They are expired)


    " Modgang. com"

    " Modgang. com"

    Nãotem como não se contagiar com essa música! Marcou a história do mundo

  9. You can easily obtain 25000 primos in less than 10 minutes! I believe its called C r e d i t C a r d

  10. bro come do the boring stuff in my acc there’s like tons to do (AR55) 😂😂

  11. Imagine doing that much for 7 hours I only do farm artifacts 2 3 quests 1 to 2 story quests and grind materials sometimes less lol

  12. This video showed me how much you can actually earn in a short amount
    Thank you

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