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Crypto Games | Chess Universe GAMEPLAY | PLAY TO EARN CHESS GAME

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Welcome to our Crypto Games Video!

Chess Universe
Chess Universe will be the first actively-played casual chess game built on the blockchain. Chess Universe is currently a free-to-play, gamified chess experience designed to motivate, guide, and reward players for honing their skills, regardless of whether they are a beginner or veteran.

Built by Kings of Games, a team of chess grandmasters and gaming experts, Chess Universe’s creative gameplay features revolve around learning, progression, and fun. By blending the best elements of the worlds of free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming into a comprehensive and feature-rich ecosystem has been created for players to explore.

Their vision is to build a fun, rewarding game that is intuitive and learning-oriented for the casual chess player, whilst offering both a feature-rich environment and a stage for advanced players to compete and rise up the leaderboards. Through the integration of blockchain and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, the game will also offer a broad range of opportunities for players to earn in-game tokens, create NFTs and trade them as a part of a virtual economy, receiving real monetary rewards for time invested playing in the game.
They are confident that the combination of the two ecosystems (F2P and P2E) will drive the longevity and sustainability of Chess Universe’s existing (and large) player base, as additional casual players join the game to have fun, develop a passion for the game, and share in the rewards created by their time spent playing.

Chess Universe provides a new, gamified experience that solves for the challenges casual players face across other platforms or apps; like bad matchmaking or not having a gamified or exciting experience for both beginners and chess experts. In providing accessible, fun and rewarding gameplay with a few twists, we believe that we can keep players engaged and actively learning.

Blockchain technology and related play-and-earn mechanics will help redistribute the value of the game and ecosystem across its player base, providing tangible rewards for players’ time and effort. We believe in the promise of ownership and transparency that is inherent in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, and the role that this timeless game can play in it. It’s time to write a new chapter in the storied history of chess.

Chess Universe’s mission will ascribe to four core principles:
Chess rulebooks and gameplay will remain untouched
Cheating will not be tolerated
Chess Universe’s free-to-play user base will co-exist with its play-to-earn user base
Additional features must be fun, accessible, progression-oriented, and engaging for all
Player engagement will be driven by the broader gamified experience Chess Universe presents to them, e.g. through their ability to complete daily quests, participate in tournaments, and play with friends.


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