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Cyberpunk 2077 BEST NEW 1.6 MONEY EXPLOIT – How To Earn Millions In Minutes – Fast Money Glitch

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How to earn fast money in Cyberpunk 2077 post 1.6 patch.
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Cyberpunk 2077 BEST NEW 1.6 MONEY EXPLOIT – How To Earn Millions In Minutes – Fast Money Glitch Timestamps:
00:00 – Cyberpunk Infinite Money Glitch Intro
00:48 – Cyberpunk Infinite Money Glitch Requirements
01:26 – How This Cyberpunk Infinite Money Glitch Works Best
02:04 – How To Get G-58 Dian Legendary Blueprint
03:33 – How To GEt Materials Needed For This Cyberpunk Infinite Money Glitch
05:12 – How To Duplicate Items For Fast Money Glitch

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  1. my boy always come through!!! was upset my precious target analysis was patched out lol going to try this meow

  2. If you're low level (1-9 roughly) you can do this dupe for rifle/pistol rounds and sell those, costs 10 common parts per craft of either and makes 48/24 rounds each. each time you dupe common parts you're paying 1 ed for each component and every bullet sells for 1 ed each, you can up to quadruple the money you earn from each common component. It's a hassle and slow but it gets the job done if you're too lazy to level up at that moment.

  3. Damn patty your accent got real thick when you were explaining the pc keys for this glitch. couldn't make them out.

  4. I've been trying both of your duplicate methods you put out the last few days a day it doesn't work…theyve evidently patched it on Xbox, there's now an extra "buy" screen that comes up. You have to confirm the buy back twice…

  5. I just noticed.
    It’s kind of annoying to get it right, but you don’t need to leave the machine, and:
    You can dupe selling and buying.
    So… 2 as fast. Just make sure you always leave 2, selling and buying.

  6. I have 6.5k paintings left to sell but I have no reason to do so since I already bought all the things I could possibly want. I feel like we need a shop with 25 million Eddie’s in order to let us make a profit quicker.

  7. Who needs money when at level 50? Money is needed early on, throughout the game, not at the end.

  8. Eh yo, anybody else notice that the ncart trains are now running on the tracks above and some of the track sections and buildings surrounding them have been altered a bit? We getting public transport soon?

  9. This doesn't work. Edit: Actually, it does work. The glitch doesn't work if you move your cursor while selling the items.

  10. I found this. Spam A (or X if you're in playstation) after pressing the two buttons at the same time, it makes the glitch 10 times easier

  11. why even bother using a money glitch, there isnt anything meaningful in the game that you can even buy with it.

  12. Thanks for the viideo.

    However, this doesn't really save your money from the dropbox. You actually pay for the extra parts.
    The magic here is the dropbox could duplicate (in a sense) the parts out from this trick. So you don't need to go to the gun shop.
    In the end, what you really earn is the difference of the selling price of crafted gun and the total cost of all the parts, which is in fact very difficult (negative profit) in the early stage.

  13. What’s the PC keys for this?

    Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out, it's ESC and F/Enter key on PC.

  14. Hey dpj there's a much faster method that still works in 1.6 that doesn't require duping. It's about $1000 every 2 to 3 seconds. Do the quests for the prophet guy outside of Misty's place. When you go to the secret meetup you kill all the enemies and one will have $5000 on him, without looting him/her you hide the body in a container or car trunk. A bag with their loot will float above the container, walk away until the bag disappears, then run back up to it, it will reappear, grab cash, repeat until desired amount is reached. With the right setup you can loot $5000 every 7 to 10 seconds.

  15. I duplicated that many items i broke Cyberpunk it literally froze on me i had to close my game and reload it.

  16. Imagine of you just stayed doing destiny videos you probs be worse off than now, fair play dude you've grinded your craft well congratulations hitting 1 mil

  17. In my case, the amount number (of the craft materials i wanted to dupe) in the inventory, has completely bugged and i needed to use the remaining craf materials to let them disappear from the inventory (or else it wouldn't have been possible to delete them).
    Maybe its just me, but it happened.

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