CYVERSE AMA With Founders NEW Cyberpunk Hacker Play to

CYVERSE AMA With Founders | NEW Cyberpunk Hacker Play to Earn NFT Game!

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0:00 What’s goin on, theAPEcoach from 6 Pack Gaming where we bring you the best Play to Earn NFT Games and new Metaverse Projects!

Cyverse is a cyberpunk inspired blockchain play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain. Collect NFT divers and earn $CREDZ tokens.

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Our mission is to build an immersive gaming experience while creating a balanced and buffered economy for our game.

Our vision is to create the next generation Metaverse P2E NFT game allowing players globally to generate passive income.

Mining mode is one of the game modes where you can send your NFT divers to different servers to obtain $CREDZ.

How to Hack servers?
For divers to penetrate and hack servers, their hacking power must be equal or exceed the power of the firewall. Divers will use pods to connect and travel to the terminal. Each pods will have a passenger capacity that will also be defined by its rarity.

Once the hackers are on the pods, they proceed to enter the terminal as a hacking unit and choose the server that has the same or less firewall power.

Each terminal can only hack 1 time per 24 hours with a reset time of 0:00 UTC each day.

Divers are hackers in the Cyverse world.

There are 5 types of rarities which differ in hacking power (HP). Their job is to penetrate the servers firewall to hack $CREDZ.

The divers need to connect to the pods to travel to the terminal where with the rest of the team they go out together to attack the servers.

Genesis Collection Divers Pre-Sale:
– February 14th, 11:00 AM UTC
– Only 10,000 Genesis Divers
– +20 HP – Increased Hacking Power
– R1 – R5
– Bronze Crate = 1 Diver
– Silver Crate = 3 Divers
– Gold Crate = 6 Divers

Genesis Collection Pods Pre-Sale:
– February 14th, 11:00 AM UTC
– Only 5,000 Genesis Divers
– +1 Capacity per Pod
– R1 – R5
– Bronze – 1 Pod
– Silver – 3 Pods
– Gold – 6 Pods

== Cyverse Info ==

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    2) SUBSCRIBE to the channel ➞

    3) COMMENT your favourite feature of Cyverse

    4) FOLLOW US on Twitter @theapecoach & @cyverseofficial

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  2. It's kinda unique game.

  3. The research that went into this game shows how experienced the team is in the crypto world even if they're just a small team. They're taking all the missteps of previous NFT games into a growth opportunity! The concept is really cool too, the art reminds me of The Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. Im excited to see more from this game.

  4. Maryjoy Garcia


  5. Although 13 days late from the video upload. Maaaaan. The vision of the project and at the same time the burning mechanism is insaneeee❤
    I love how the developers got inspiration from the famous crypto games.
    Excited in how it will go! This project is insane! The concept is great❤❤❤
    Nice video as always coach!

  6. Richanie Dancis

    I wont miss this giveaway!!! I thought i'm already late hahahaha

    The team sounds very friendly and the anime vibe is awesome!

  7. Shawtyyy | 6PG

    Hellow Coach Ape!
    My Favorite feature of cyverse is that the Ui The Graphics And the Animation so Fantastic to see it when it release.

  8. Akhil Chinthanoori

    I loved the early claim taxation and increasing it every time you claim the tokens early but more than the features I liked the CYVERSE Team and their ideology to make this game a sustainable one.💯

  9. I like how they talk about long term kinda what's lacking in bsc games

  10. LordAlec | YGG

    This is amazing looking forward in this nft

  11. sam evangelista

    This is so cool will looking forward on this NFT!

  12. Silviu Alexandru Paraschiv

    Love the cryptoeconomy of the game, hope they succeed, they need ppl who belive in project and don't come in for some cash, I really hope I can get an entry, love it

  13. I like how you talked to the team about burning mechanism, so that the game also stays long

  14. I love how they welcome the players and not just the traders 🙂

  15. Joncarlo Cardino

    I like the way he says he balanced the price entrance for everyone the late investor we'll be able to easily participate in the game and avoid whale this is a problem nowadays that the game was good at the beginning it is down full for long term and the burning mechanism was great I think they had high experience and they solved what problem we are experiencing right now and also I love the idea of the game theme was so unique and also I like he says you're not only enjoying the game but also roe, He indicated that he's mixing all of the nft game ideas, and that there will be multiple players, which is incredible. I'm really looking forward to this project.💪🔥🚀

  16. Good interview! I really like the early claim penalty.. Definitely a positive system to have implemented!

  17. Pretty unique and sounds like a 🔥 game! Can’t wait! 🤖

  18. Victor Tisnado

    I loved all the cyberpunk and hacker culture they are using for the game experience

  19. Awesome project! 💯💯💯

  20. fernando infante

    I'm excited about this project, many high expectations. I can't wait to start playing.

  21. Doxxed, experienced devs. And not repeating mistakes from other P2E, i guess it's going to be big

  22. I love how they learn from different kind of games and create something unique, combine different idea and improve to create better gaming experience.

  23. SixToeS D' Wanderer

    I like how they wanted to have a balance economy by applying oracle on entry and reverse on claim, looking for this game =)

  24. Love projects like this taking mistakes from past games (cryptoblades, axie to an extent) and ensuring their game doesn't suffer the same fate. Cyverse seems to have done their homework and want to ensure longevity of their game, introducing the different burn mechanics etc. Love this style too – Matrix + Cyberpunk is awesome.

  25. Great video Coach, I appreciate how transparent they are and lot of idea they put into it. What I love about the game is the hacker mechanics which is also a cool way of deploying NFT game into that concept, The best feature about the game is that the game mechanic itself, which a divers hacks a system/terminal and let them mine there in a span of time which has limit, I like how they put into some dismantling fee and also for paying for power, which is good burning mechanism, greatly increase the burning rate over minting rate and keep the economy in long term.🏆🔥

  26. aside from the game itself, i love the the team! they are so friendly and do have a nice idea about the concept of the game

  27. Claude Verdejo

    Very unique storyline and I think 1st in the NFT games. It's always the originals that goes to the moon.

  28. The cooldown of withdrawals of tokens is important to stabilize the economy within the game.. 👌

  29. LordAlec | YGG

    I Love the design and the concept! The burning mechanism is good i guess 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Elviña Jebonne T.

    Been a huge fan of matrix movies: Reloaded, Resurrections and etc. which makes this Cy-verse project more interesting! I love their penalty feature when doing early claims of token which can be a great help to the tokenomics long-term run.

    Monkey Gang!

  31. they emphasize the minting and the burning mechanism is balanced, and they adopt another concept of other NFT's I think they want to create a brand that can last long, and also the graphics are so awesome. P2E Is the future ^^

  32. Ray Paduano Jr


  33. Ray Paduano Jr


  34. Ray Paduano Jr


  35. Lady Lee Villanueva

    i love burning mechanism and Rarity of the divers! ,♥️

  36. Khythlyn Mariel Escuadro

    i love how the burning mechanism discussed and also the unique concepts of this project 🔥 I’m so excited how it will go, hoping for good things!

  37. I love the way how cyverse team incorporated what they learned from previous p2e NFT games to their project. Also, gotta love that dynamic early claim penalty feature.. It's my first time hearing about reverse oracle tho, I hope this proj becomes successful 🤞

  38. I love the idea of the game since it will be the first NFT game with hacking and slash game, I am excited as well to see the graphics of this game, and I like the fact that they manage to come up with an idea like this.