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DAY 2 CHALLENGE | Super Simple 3 Stars | 10 Year Clash

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DAY 2 CHALLENGE | Super Simple 3 Stars | 10 Year Clash

#coc #clashofclans #itzu

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  1. Alhamdulillah, I was able to get past this and found out that it is not necessary to 3 star this base to advance to the next challenge. Happy Anniversary! I deleted my previous comment and used creator code ITZU in all accounts. Thanks

  2. 2 separate golem at 11 and 1 o'clock with 2 wizs, 3 pekka and 2 golem at 12, save 2 wiz for hiddeb tesla. Drop 1 jumpspell at the first X in the middle and rage, second jump at the second X and 3 stars

  3. Your way to complicated!! Just place 4 golem in the the top then wizard and then jump spell and drop everything! It's that simple.

  4. I just spammed all the golems from down side, it's easy 3*, and still couple of wiz need for such planning. Total waste

  5. Tried 4 times, doesn't work. Tech in the CoC Reddit worked on the 1st try

  6. Hey ITZU, I have a Question and please give me the answer, it's urgent!🙏

    I shared my account with my one friend many times ago,But 7-8 month ago I changed my EMAIL ID and From then I don't share my ID WITH ANYONE.



  7. Attack on base 2 1 jump spell right side on xbow target golem Pekka and Wizz cc and another left side rage spell for xbow

    2 golem one for each corner rage spell when cc troops dragon out initial golem Pekka 1 Wizz cc use to clear out the dragon after the second jump spell to go to center base layout and cc cleared. the last corner when Pekka reached the corner used 2 archers to the Base cleared.I was able to consistently get 3 stars with 20 sec remaining.

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  9. I struggled mad hard with this one my pekka went for everything but the defense attacking the pekkas

  10. for me worked better to start from the opposite site where the hidden tesla was, rage at CCs and rage at queen – boom 3 stars..

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