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  1. I got falsely banned with the huge ban wave that the devs did because they released a code that gave certain players 99x summons which players abused and rerolled. I have never rerolled or used the code DEKARONG and my account doesn't even have heroic trans up or pet. It doesn't even have blue trans up but I got falsely banned and the devs keep telling me to wait patiently after submitting a ticket. I waited 18 hours and still haven't gotten a response and my account still remains banned. Horrible launch experience. Many other players have gotten falsely banned for the mistake that the devs have made!!! There will be absolutely zero compensations to the falsely banned accounts and the devs will try to sweep all this under the rug. Please spread the word… this is the most terrible game launch I ever experienced.

  2. T R A S H, the game is trash, the token is trash, the nfts are trash the company is trash, burn it to the ground.

  3. Not a chance on that ranking system, those are only for whales, i hope its not a heavy p2w game but it doubt 😅

  4. fist thought on the game is that it will be mad broken by people with money. and it's complicated.

  5. Well let us see first guys, if bots are on the go, if you see more bots in one area spot you know the routine, quit the game for wasting time hahaha, But if its ok then it would be awesome🤙

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