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Do This NOW! The BEST FREE Cards You Can Earn In MUT 23 [11.20]

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Going over the best Free Cards, Free Packs and Free coins you can earn in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

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Thanks for checking out my video. If you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe! All season we’ll be dropping Madden 23 News! Featuring MUT 23 Gameplay, MUT 23 Pack Openings, several tips and methods on how to make coins in MUT 23 and Madden 23 Ultimate Team. If you want to see Madden 23 Gameplay and #1 Coin Making Methods In MUT 23 this is also your best source on YouTube!


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  1. Finally pulled a 93 from the reroll, sold my whole team sitting at 5.8 grateful it was at Pat surtain basically got him for 15k since I pulled d him out the reroll imma hold on to him

  2. Does anyone know what the player overall would be for the choice on legend and aka token exchange set

  3. I sold off all of my non bnd players on my team preparing for blitz and at first I went from an 89 to a 86, i ended up with 1.5 million coins, I highly recommend doing the 93ovr harvest set because it’s basically 145k for 5 90s, now I am currently a 88 ovr (almost 89) and still have 1.1 mil. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 93 harvest set and selling off the 93

  4. I can't even do challenges because it says Error our servers cannot process your request at this time please try again later iv been doing it for like a month now still don't work

  5. If you are just picking the game up after taking a month or so long break would u recommend just grinding out all the solos?

  6. 90 ovr team with 650k coins
    I want to upgrade my Wr core. And my D-End But should I wait?
    WR- I have Moss, Keyshawn Johnson, Keenan Allen, Claypool
    D-End- Nick Bosa, Cameron Wake both with edge threat 3 Ap (looking for cheap discounted Edge threats)

  7. Great video as always but I’m so over this game. I was grinding CP and got my 20TH win on MVP level. When I get back to the Home Screen it says I’m at 10/20. Like wtf! There shouldn’t be soooo many problems with a game, it’s sad!

  8. Question pop : I switched over from Xbox to Ps for season 2. I was given my FREE field pass Gilmore on my PlayStation even though I played on Xbox all season 1..

    Is there a valid way I can get my Casper to PlayStation acc at that point to get the free 99 after the free lvl 3 player? (Casper , Deion , etc)

  9. Do you think I could build a decent team after blitz for 500k minus a few positions as a starter

  10. There are so many issues with this game. I can’t max out my daily’s because they didn’t work for the whole season.I never got my twitch packs for the trevon digs.I couldn’t max out my most feared pass because daily’s don’t rack on there either.I can’t get Deion now and I’m mad.

  11. I sold my team in preparation for blitz and I went from an 88 overall team to an 88 overall team

  12. Thanks 🙏🏽 Definitely appreciate this. What’s everyone’s team overall and their level? I’m at 30 and I have an 88. I just started playing again after two months

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