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  1. I like the content but you might need to specify the affiliate registration because when I tried to sign up the website stated that I would need to have a company/website already generating a decent amount of traffic in order for me to become an affiliate. You didn’t bring this up at all in this video and I would hate for people to watch this and go through all the steps just to be stopped at the end due to being misinformed

  2. Thank you I love your videos I watch your videos all the time you make better videos we all will watch thank you thank you all family

  3. Hey i wanted yo ask that if i upload short videos of big creators then will my channel get monetised?

  4. Nice video, I'm so excited 😊, my life has totally Changed since I invested $3,500 and now make $31,900 every 10, days. God bless Expert Michael Allen

  5. What video of yours would you mostly recommend if a person wants to make at least 1000 dollars/month that works internationally and is a beginner in affiliate marketing and online business related moneymaking. Thanks for all the great videos.

  6. Great video. A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work…

  7. But they don't accept social media sites like your youtube channel. You must have a live website?

  8. I just saw on affiliate program, they require a website that is live and had traffic. What to do about that?

  9. Gained some valuable information….this is what I will do whenever i go to my vacations ~ thank you so much Dave.

  10. Dave, I bought your course and have been watching it and learning. I am at a different computer attempting to login but I can't find where to click-on to login. Need a little help thanks.

  11. Thanks for this. It looks like a goer. What about copyright for the pics of the hotels though? Could that be an issue?

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