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Easily 3 Star the Clash Fest Challenge (Clash of Clans)

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3 Star Attack Strategy for the Clash Fest Challenge in Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares a Tutorial Guide for the New Event in CoC. This is the final challenge of the Clash Fest Event which closed with the World Championship Finals over the weekend. The Mass Single Inferno Tower base was designed by Galadon Gaming and has a key learning point in that of Skeleton and Bat Spell placement. Clash On!

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  1. Best of luck with the Challenge. 2 Million Subscribers soon, we’ll be sure to do something cool

  2. I just went with every troops and heroes from left and made my way to right 👍 it worked

  3. This is a "how to overthink an attack tutorial". Just place random heroes up and then all troops to the right and you win

  4. I finished this challenge without using any of my heroes abilities, all at 80+% hp. Also i forgot to deploy the 5 pekkas.
    It's easier than it looks.

  5. This is way too complicated just spell at the top wiz and poison on gold then queen w ability then king w abibity and warden with abibity then just spam do whatever

  6. All I did was spam all the troops at the top and put the spells at the right hand corner and I won 😅

  7. Guys the easiest way is too judt drop all your heroes at the eagle artillerys and wait for them to go down then spam all the troops(highest too lowest hitpoints) on one side of the inferno line. Then infront of them spam all the skeleton and bat spells which will absorb all the damage from the single target infernos. Its actrually crazyyy essy

  8. ITEU has a lot easier strat… this strat I could not accomplish thanks for trying though

  9. It's extremely sad how tough or timing restrained these challenges are.
    Haven't been able to win any of the challenges except the goblin maze one which needed brain but was not so heavily taxing & time restarained as others are.
    Although, thanks to you I was also able to complete this last challenge. My 2nd one in the series.

  10. I just deployed a pekka and the royal champion near the clan castle all the units on the corner the and the poison spell on the skeletons

  11. This sucked, I three stared this challenge but since I was in a tunnel it didn’t count. 🙄🙄

  12. Thanks I did the same what you taught and it works 😂but the balloon doesn't work like in the video 😂😂😂😂

  13. I believe you made it a lil difficult 😣😖😫😭 i just killed eagles first with pekka tanking and all wizards the spam everything ecept poison on east side (poison for larry's)

  14. I just spammed every card and spell to the one tile and it worked on the first try🤨

  15. Excellent as always! This was idiot proof…I should know as I did it first time!

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